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The world is changing as we know it. For good and for bad. There is global warming, and then there are solar changes. But there is one important topic that you probably see a lot but shrug off when you really shouldn’t.

The world of transportation is changing. We need to face it, It comes along with pros and cons of sorts. And many companies are ‘racing’ to the finish line to be the first to complete it.

The most famous company in this ‘competition’ is Google, and their car has already been test driven in CA, MI, FL, and NV. (California, Michigan, Florida, and Nevada.)

The self-driving car (SDC) is a very popular project. People seem to be half ok with the idea of these cars roaming the streets.

Now, this can be the cause of “no, we can’t do this because it will cause more accidents.” So far the only accidents that have happened is

when another driver rear-ended or drifted onto the Google car. Another accident was when the self-driving car was manually driven.

Self-driving cars work by taking in all the surroundings and then calculating the speed of everything around them. By doing so, the car will know when to go, and at what speed. The Google car has sensors on top to detect pedestrians, cyclists, other cars and with the work of a computer (also a part of the car), it will safely drive around them.

Now, after hearing all this, you could be concerned about safety, which by all means, is VERY important. Since the car is to not be   driven

and people will just to ride in it, the inside is designed to be comfortable and relaxing. There are backup systems in case something fails.

So you can sit and relax, while the car takes care of the driving with no worries on your mind.


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