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Facebook 12 Years ago

Do you remember how Facebook looked when it first started? Well here are a few pictures to show you, In honor of Facebooks 12th birthday.

12 years ago today, Mark Zuckerberg wrote the first line of code for Facebook with help from his college roommates. Over the years this first project that was started only for Harvard College Students grew to be the #1 most used social media site in the world.

But many people never had a chance to look or remember what this social giant looked like in its first years. We have put together a few screenshots of the giant exactly 12 years ago.
When you first opened your account this welcome message was the first thing you saw…

If you had the chance to have a profile this is how your profile page would look like…

This is how groups on Facebook would look like…

Facebook has definitely changed over the 12 years of its life and it continues to change dramatically every day.


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