Mercedes-Benz Last Fan Standing Competition | Off to a really bad start

Usually, when you’re a big company and you’re planning to announce a competition in which you give away a $50,000+ prize or in this case a car… you plan ahead of the competition day to make sure everything is working fine prior to announcing it. In this case, it should have been prior to starting the actual game.

Unfortunately, Mercedes-Benz USA just received some bad reputation, as many people who signed up for the competition flooded their social media accounts because of a huge error which kicked people out of the game before it even started.

Some didn’t even get a chance to begin as they were shown an error screen. Mercedes-Benz USA decided to suspend the game and restart it one hour after the previously announced time which many people did not take well.

The entire point or ultimate goal of the game is to follow a car on your phone screen with your finger, but the catch is you cannot lift your finger at all. The last person that is left with their finger still on the car (screen) would ultimately win the car… Sound’s easy right? well, not really since the game could go on indefinitely until only one person remains.

Since the prize is a car… we doubt many people will give up easily. If you want to sign up before the second retake of the game click here




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