Your child’s privacy at risk by technology offered by Schools

It is no secret that technology is being used more in our everyday lives. Recent programs introduced in Schools around the country offer devices to students to efficiently learn and adapt to the surge of changes coming from the tech industry and its need in the real world.

But when your child’s safety and privacy is at risk is it worth allowing your kids to use the offered devices?

A recent incident at a San Leandro High School caused major outrage among the school’s student community and resonated at other schools’ when a student unknowingly uploaded many personal files to the school district servers.

How did the files end up on the district servers? The affected student said she was charging her phone on the Chromebook device offered by the school as she did before many times. Only this time what she didn’t expect was to get confronted by a teacher the next day about the content the teacher was somehow able to access on her personal computer. It is unknown how many people were able to access the files but a few teachers from other schools in the district were also able to see some of the content.

The news and details of the incident were known by every student at Lincoln High School by the end of the day. As shared by students, the teacher did not speak to the affected student privately about the matter but instead made sure everyone in the classroom heard what was happening by speaking to the student while the class was in session.

The teacher notified school administration who immediately suspended the student.

it is unknown if the teacher was temporarily placed on leave, but the teacher has not returned and has been replaced by a substitute teacher for the past few weeks.

Many attempts to gain information about the matter from the district were met with no response as of January


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