The Top Five Sub Genres of Punk Rock

Any punk rock aficionado will never fully understand why punk rock subgenres have become so popularized in the world of music today. However, when a person has grown up with such 80’s great punk bands, such as the Sex Pistols or The Clash, it is easy to branch other types of punk rock music to this form. The following are just a few of the subgenres of punk rock still out there that have simply done good. Especially to the world of Punk rock music.
1. Emo

Bands such as Depeche Mode and the cure are just a few of the bands that launched the punk rock

genre. Although this type of music is depressing, their lyrics are basically powerful and meaningful, even

if it does contain dreary undertones, this music has had followers. Including those whose life’s mission is

to belong. In fact, one of the hottest Emo rock bands of all time, who were inspired by punk rock, linken

Park used their lyrics to comfort their fans and made proof that the band was with there for them and

can relate. Emo has the potential of breaking records as communicator and trendsetter.

2. Christian Punk

Who would have thought as Punk Rock music going Christian? Though it contains less vulgarity and

more on the word of God, Christian punk rock music is soon to submerge as a new genre. Christian punk

is sort of uplifting and takes on sad stories. In fact, Real stories based on issues facing everyone. One of

the best Christian punk rock bands out there is Dogwood. Though Christians ignore punk rock lyrics but

spread a happy message,many punk rockers out there dislike the term Christian punk.

3. Pop Punk

There is nothing to be forgiven when naming weezer and Greenday pop punk royalty, but they went

mainstream and we can now listen to their music on alternative rock radio stations and pop music radio

stations. They are so recognizable that even Grandma and Grandpa have listened to them. Though pop

punk is the most popular of all sub genres of punk rock, there is something so catchy about their middle

of the road lyrics and steady guitar licks that we cannot stop admiring.

4. Psychobilly

Though originating in the 1950’s psychobilly, which is a cross between rockabilly and punk rock formed a

theme based on science fiction and horror movies. There are talks that psychobilly spreading the

message on underground 50’s culture but they have made the day of the dead a lasting impression to

many who want to refuse all other sub genres of punk and scream at the top of their lungs! Psychobilly


5. Ska Punk

One of the most popular subgenres of punk in the 90’s, due to bands such as, The Mighty Mighty

Bosstones and No Doubt, these bands fixed the Ska movement and made the fast-steady beat of Ska

Punk a million-dollar identity. Ska punk rockers have now detected how the movement has been

influenced by reggae, while shredding their boards to this type of music. It was as though their

generation carried the Ska movement and made it their own.

Veronica F

Veronica F


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