How to Catch a Break as a Stay at Home Parent

There are many parents out there who stay home when the kids are little and take breaks by going out with their friends or out on date night once in a while to release their stress in a constructive way. But what about those parents who are more introverted or do not have the time or babysitters to go out? Luckily, there are many ways of finding time for oneself while living the hectic life of parenting, some of which can even include the little ones too!

Art Time!

Children thrive off creativity by playing pretend and creating imaginary stories, but sometimes, the constant parading of feet on the floor and the yelling from one end of the house to the other, can be quite trying on parents. It can get tricky to convince children to just sit still and do something quietly, so bring out the crayons and construction paper and get crafty!

Find easy crafts online that can hold their attention or just print simple coloring pages of their favorite characters and color along with them! Not only will this help to foster their creativity, but it will also give parents an opportunity to sit and destress as well!

Reading Time

Though it is difficult to convince a child to sit still, reading time can be very beneficial in helping parents convince their little ones. There is no end to imagination when their favorite characters go on an unforgettable adventure! All that’s left to do is grab a blanket, cuddle up, and make it fun with silly voices that make them laugh as they beg for more!

Children love to make their own choices because it allows them to feel independent and accomplished, so make a bookshelf and let them pick their favorites to make the moment even more special.

Board Games

Video games are neat to play with kids, but not a lot of talking is involved. With board games, everyone can join in and make jokes, especially with children’s board games such as chutes and ladders or candy land. Even if the littler ones don’t play, putting them on a mother or father’s lap and making them a part of things can be just as fun for them as playing is to everyone else.

Being involved and sitting allows for parents to relax and laugh, but be careful not to be too competitive. Whether they win or lose, it’s important that children realize the most important and fun part is playing the game so everyone can come out on top.

Take Every Opportunity

Is there an hour or so between putting the oldest on the bus and when the others wake up? Perhaps they go to bed around seven or eight, giving parent’s time to do what they want before bed time? However it happens, it is important to enjoy the calm before the lovable storm happens. Whether it’s reading a book or putting on some headphones and doing a work out while they sleep, it’s important for wellbeing to make the time to let the mind unwind.

Being a stay at home parent is often mistaken as sitting on the couch watching kids, but in reality, very few parents get down time. Consider spending time with family by doing arts and crafts, reading a good book, or playing board games with the little ones so that everyone can relax together. But it is also important to take time to write that novel that’s sitting on the laptop, untouched or to get out the dusty treadmill to help the mind slow down and destress from some of the hardships that can come from being a parent.

Amanda F

I'm a stay at home mother of two children who graduated from Mercy College with a bachelor's degree with honors in English in 2015. I operate primarily out of upstate New York. I currently have one book e-published online and am hoping to become a romance novelist someday.

Amanda F


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