College Freshmen: The Struggle is Real.

One of the most underrated struggles in life is being a college freshman. Almost every college freshman has the same two goals, one, don’t gain the freshman fifteen, and two, have a group of friends that you will be friends with for the rest of your adult life.

Although we like to live in a world that squashes clichés, reserving them for the movies and Nicholas Sparks novels, we have this cliché embedded within us that we will be the people we have always wanted to be. As in if you were an introvert in high school who had never been to a party, this would be your time to “break out of your shell” and become that popular extrovert who can make a friend at the drop of a hat. Or the smart kid who wants a break, who will probably get mediocre grades by mid-quarter and live by the motto “C’s get degrees”. Those are the innocent dreams of young 17 to 18-year old kids who want to experience life; after all, college is the place where you discover who you are and where you find your true passion, right?

The first year of college is when you learn that you are not the one struggling to grasp the concept of cellular respiration at 3 a.m. in the study lounge. It’s when you learn to make friends with the random people you’ve been eating dinner with for the past couple of weeks, and when you find out your roommate is a complete weirdo. But these people you meet along the way are the ones who you will remember when you look back at your college experience 20 years from now.

Because we’re here for a good time, not a long time.

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