Great Ideas to Keep Them Busy All Summer!

It’s pretty simple to have fun with kids after school is done during the school year, but when it comes to summer time activities, many parents may feel stumped. How can parents keep kids just as busy on vacation as they are in school? Luckily, there’s a few popular ways parents can use to ensure that summer vacation is just as fulfilling for kids as their time in school!

Go to The Movies!
Of course, when most people hear about the movies, they think of a hot and sweaty theater packed with people who are loud or rude, but in the summertime, there are far more options! Drive ins, though growing sparce, are a great and inexpensive way to enjoy the warmer weather! Just bring some snacks and pajamas and settle in for the night with a personal theater that can cater to the whole family!
No drive in nearby? Don’t worry, there are other ways to enjoy a good movie outside! A projector can put a movie up on the side of the house and even other families can join in the fun, if desired. Either way, watching a movie outside can be an excellent twist to movie night to make summer time all the more fun!
Extracurricular Activities
Sometimes, it can be hard to fulfill a more active childs needs, but what about swimming lessons, traveling sports, or dance camps? Check out the bulletin board around town or Google to see if there are any activities for kids to enjoy and choose the one he or she will enjoy most. After, if the weather is nice enough, maybe Mom or Dad could take them out for a nice dinner or dessert to treat them for doing such a good job!
Going to the Fair
For some real excitement, fairs are some of the most popular activities parents enjoy with their kids over the summer. Though in some places these tend to occur closer to the end of summer, they can be great for kids looking for more stimulation. With petting zoos, rides, games, and shops, there is something for everyone and it can be made into an entire day of fun for the whole family!
Zoos, Zoos, Zoos!
Speaking of zoos, who wouldn’t want to go visit previously unseen exotic animals? Not only will the kids get to do something exciting for summer vacation, but they also get to learn about different kinds of animals. As an added note to ensure safety, it is always wise to hold children’s hands while walking through the zoo to curb curiosity that can put them in dangerous situations. For the littler ones, it is probably wise to use infant carriers and strollers to keep them at a safe distance for added security!
Water Parks
Who doesn’t love a good water slide? Water parks can easily be some of the most fun places to go for summer vacation! Just pick one that has something for everyone, pack up the swimsuits and towels, and go have some fun!
Museum Fun
The first thing most that comes to mind at the word “museum” is usually a long, dull tour and looking at displays, not something most children find fun, but luckily, there are some fun museums that are more geared toward children! Children’s museums are excellent places for learning and playing, and most of them are fairly inexpensive. Most even have areas created for children with special needs that need quiet or more sensory oriented activities. For an educational and fun place to go, be sure to look up the nearest children’s museum and set up for the day!
Outdoor Activities
Last, but certainly not least, just go outside and play! Dance in the rain, put up a pool, have a bonfire with smores, pitch a tent in the back yard, or just push them on the swing and blow bubbles! Having fun over the summer doesn’t always have to mean running around from place to place. Just think of things that everyone enjoys, go out, and do it!
Summer vacation can seem daunting to some parents, especially when faced with needing to create the same amount of stimulation children get in school, but there are plenty of options out there to help. Pick a movie to go see or watch outside, find activities for the kids to join, go to the fair, zoo, or water park, or just sit outside under the stars and cook up some smores from the comfort of home. Just remember that most times, the most fun kids have outside of school just involves being with their families and doing what they love with people they love. So relax, smile, and have a happy summer full of fun and love that everyone will remember for years to come!

Amanda F

I'm a stay at home mother of two children who graduated from Mercy College with a bachelor's degree with honors in English in 2015. I operate primarily out of upstate New York. I currently have one book e-published online and am hoping to become a romance novelist someday.

Amanda F


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