How to Keep The Holidays Alive All Year Round

Though summer and springtime have their perks, many people find themselves excited for that time of year when they can see Jack o’Lanterns and Christmas trees adorning every street corner and lobby. There is plenty of fun to be had in the warmer weather, but who doesn’t enjoy a good sleigh ride or pumpkin carving? But no one is planning events or playing holiday movies in the spring or summer time, so what is there left to do?

Holiday Movie Marathon

Just because the movie theaters aren’t announcing the newest holiday movies just yet doesn’t mean no movies will play! Plan a fun movie day set to the theme of whichever holiday the mood asks for. Pick some favorites to watch with the family or check movie apps to watch a new movie on a phone or tablet for some alone holiday time. If kids are involved, pull out the popcorn and hot chocolate and settle in for a super fun movie marathon!

Listen to Music

This is particularly easy for a holiday like Christmas, but there are plenty of holiday themed albums out to listen to. So put on some headphones, turn on the speakers, or have a dance party to enjoy a day that recaptures the feeling of the holidays for just a couple of hours or days. YouTube is also really good for videos that play hours of holiday music along with images that can be cast to most TVs from phones or playable through the app on Roku.

Arts and Crafts Time!

Music and movies aren’t all that make up a holiday! The internet is full of every kind of holiday craft from kids to adults to help brighten up any household with the feeling of the holidays. From something as simple as putting stickers on a plain tree printed on paper to making snowmen collages out of tiny village people and fish bowls, there’s something for everyone to enjoy together.

Little Reminders

Is there a special ornament or village in the Christmas decorations? Plain pumpkins from Thanksgiving or Halloween hiding away? Bring them out and decorate the house to brighten up any day! Have a hot chocolate in July or put on a favorite holiday outfit. Anything that feels holiday like will give anyone a smile and a reminder of the joy and peace that tend to come around the holidays every year.

Ignore the Naysayers

It is hard to celebrate the holidays even in small ways everyday over the year, especially for those who will pick on, ridicule, or rage over those who don’t wait for the holidays to arrive to celebrate. The important part of celebrating when the mood strikes is that it makes the recipient happy and can give them the motivation they need to get through the day, especially bad ones. These negative reactions can make it difficult not to feel silly dancing to Christmas music in June even though it brightens their spirit and gives them happiness.

While those who don’t wish to celebrate all year enjoy waiting until that time of year, don’t let that change what is enjoyable to the individual. Everyone celebrates the happiest moments of their lives in different ways and that’s okay. What matters is what brings joy into their lives, so ignore the naysayers and celebrate in a way that is unique to the individual!

Summer and spring certainly have their own way of bringing fun and joy into people’s lives but nothing can quite equate to the feeling of the holidays. To keep that feeling all year around, play a good holiday movie, listen to holiday music, do some holiday arts and crafts, and celebrate in a way that is custom made to the person celebrating! The holidays are a magical time of year that bring about peace, happiness, and compassion and to experience that year round is a blessing that everyone should be able to enjoy each and every day in a way that is unique to themselves.

Amanda F

I'm a stay at home mother of two children who graduated from Mercy College with a bachelor's degree with honors in English in 2015. I operate primarily out of upstate New York. I currently have one book e-published online and am hoping to become a romance novelist someday.

Amanda F


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