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More late night work…

As most of the world is probably doing the whole house is asleep, with the exeption of me and mom. While she is 40 to 100 in research She has put me in charge of a last post for the day.

I love working with mom it makes me feel special. There has been talk about a youtube channel featuring me T-Bone and my wonderful family. Its just talk now, but mom usually gets things done pretty quick. Take my fan page for instance that was a rumor within a week became reality, not that i have any fans, but moms working that angle to.

Its me T-Bone

One of the biggest reasons I kove working with mom is cause she has a motto “dont make promises you cant keep.” She hasnt made me any promises, but she has tried her hardest to get things done.

What we do….

Moms main goal is to help bring parents the ability and encouragement to quite their bosses, and let the babies enjoy their parents while they are still young. As a mother of 5 or 6 she sees so much importance in kids having their parents home when they need them. As for me my main goal is to get people laughing and give the kids a good conversation later. Laughing together is part of staying together. We are real big on family, and take advantage of every opportunity to share together. To see our whole story and what we share you are more than welcome to check out our internet home at http://www.ontheranchagain.com

Moms been updating our internet home so if it looks out of wack, thats fine it will get fixed eventually. She comes across some pretty cool things during her research sessions. Im glad shes my mom, I feel like she will handle everything for me. Well goodnight world.


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