The Importance of a Neighborhood Farm

There coming up farmer markets! Nowadays you see small or large farmers markets at every main street here in California. There seems to be a resurgence in Southern California due in part to California’s healthy lifestyle choices. They are so adequately equipped with every known produce. Like delicious turnips or tempting papaya. You can fill your fridge with every known produce, making it a season for any colored and every tasting fruit or vegetable out there. With so many farms and dairies working these farmers markets, there is no doubt that you will leave with something. Here are just a few farmers markets in Southern California that are Cali favorites:

  1. Santa Monica Farmer’s market

You will find Ultra-fresh produce at this great sunny outdoor gathering, where you can even rub elbows with Hollywood celebrities and famed chefs. The farmers market mostly draws locals though.

You can find tanned beach bodies and basically people enjoying the ambiance and what it has to offer. Whether they splurge on a fish taco or swim in the water, the farmers market at Santa Monica is a wonderful place to discover a unique charm! Even local chefs search for produce here.

  1. Pacific Beach Certified Farmers’ Market

Saturday: 8:00 am-Noon 4150 Mission Blvd between Reed & Pacific Beach Blvd   Pacific Beach, California 92109

This is a fantastic beach location and will likely be the place to gather treasures. What more can anyone want? But a glorious beach setting for a farmer’s market

  1. Little Italy Mercato in San Diego

If you love a farmer’s market that feels more like a street festival, then this is the spot for you. In addition to organic produce, you’ll also find local vendors galore selling handmade goods and wares.

  1. Brentwood Farmers Market

You can always experience a great farmers market experience Saturday at the Brentwood Farmers Market. Located in downtown Brentwood on Oak and First Street, this market is thriving with fresh produce from local farmers. You’ll also find it very festive and energetic

  1. Old Town Temecula Farmers Market

You can gather great produce, from farm-grown fruits, veggies and flowers at the Old Town Temecula Farmers Market on 6th and Front Street. Which is held every Saturday, rain or shine, from 8-12:30.

There are many farmers market to check out there in the entire state of California, not only in Southern California. You will find them online here:

www.seasonalchef.com/socallist.htm   www.farmersmarketonline.com/fm/California.htm

The farmers’ markets are becoming fast staples in Southern California. They not only feature farm fresh fruits or vegetables but offer great entertainment, food, and atmosphere. You won’t be disappointed with what you will find and do there. However, you should never rush through each booth, rather savor the taste of samples and shop for one of a kind foods and drinks. It will make you realize why I should not have I had visited a local farmers market in the first place. It has everything to offer and enlightens those who are learning to enjoy good healthy, clean food from our local farms.

Veronica F

Veronica F


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