How to grow your Instagram following

Instagram has really grown since its acquisition by Facebook. Back in 2011, it was really simple to grow your following by just tagging all your new posts with #F4F or #FollowForFollow… in which users created a symbiosis of helping each other gain mutual followings by following each other. Another hashtag which was used was #S4S or #ShoutoutForShoutout in which users would garner the strength of their already acquired following and promote someone else in exchange for the same service.

Over the years this form of generating a following has quietly died out… the age of content began to emerge and began to dominate social media… in effect, Instagram began to grow beside it.

Now in 2018, the most concrete way of growing a following is by providing actual special and likable content. The top topics dominant on Instagram are Food, Fashion, Art, Photography, Music, and DIYs.

So the real question is, How do you grow your Instagram following now?

1. Participate in the Community


One of the most obvious ways to garner attention… is to participate in the community. These days, Instagram is comprised of thousands of communities… on one side you can be in the dark world of magic… while on the other you can be seeing content that can lighten up your day. There are also political communities (which are just constant arguments) and the professional artistic community; this community includes artists, photographers, musicians… etc… EVERYONE is a professional on Instagram.

Following and commenting on content that is similar to your own is a very good way to direct followers to your own account. (but don’t over do it!)

2. Using Hashtags


If you’re prepared to actually build an audience (which takes time) then research… learn about the current trending tags related to your account niche… and use them wisely.

When posting, use the hashtags that you researched… or that you know will do well with your post. But do not over do it like some accounts, who write 15-20 different hashtags which have nothing to do with the post or account. But don’t worry… Instagram doesn’t allow you to use more than 30.

If you plan to make your content better looking… hide the hashtags in between your sentences!

3. Posting Memorable Content


Before you start posting random content on your account… decide what your accounts primary focus will be. After you have decided what your account content will revolve around… then its time to create your content.

When posting content… it is much more appealing to have a theme in place… this shows that you are serious and professional with your account.

While using Instagram built-in editing features is typical routine from your regular accounts… there is so much you can do with them… If your focus is on photography then it is suggested that you edit your images to your liking outside of the app, using a more reliable editing software.

Your caption is also important to go over before you post… if your image is original and you don’t want it to be reproduced or reposted… make sure to let it be known in your caption area. (protect your content)

4. Promoting Account in Ads


If you want more eyes… more impressions… then maybe creating an ad for your account or specific posts is the way to go. While many people look down on this method of growing an audience… it not so secretly is the main used method in which thousands and thousands of accounts boost their account audience reach. This method is how many accounts have grown numbers in such a short time.

When creating an ad through the Facebook ad manager platform you will be asked to create a target audience… which you can fill in the details to your liking.

If you want more information on creating your own ads… go to our “How to create Instagram Ads” article.

5. Use Instagram Stories


Using the new stories feature on Instagram is also a good method to present more content to your viewers that does not feel intrusive. Repost the content you posted on your feed here… post your content wherever possible. This method will allow your stories to be featured either locally or in a broader area… to Instagram users that already like similar content like yours in the Explore section of Instagram.

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