How to create Instagram Ads

If you’ve ever started a brand account or just a simple account on Instagram… you know how hard it is to grow an audience or at least have your post/product/service in front of some eyes.

This how-to will help you get started with creating your own Instagram Ads.

The first step in creating an Ad is to evaluate what kind you want to create. There are 5 type of ads supported on Instagram:

1. Photo Ads

A photo Ad is a simple landscape or square format photo. This type of ad is the simplest when it comes to visual asset needs since only a single image is required. An action button can be seen at the bottom of the image… which takes you to the page specified when creating the Ad.













2. Video Ads

Since the new Instagram update… which allows you to post up to 60 seconds worth of video, Advertisers have taken advantage of showing users much more about what they offer. This Ad format is great to use if you’re looking into promoting music, video content, movies, tv shows, etc…














3. Carousel Ads

An Instagram Carousel Ad can have anywhere from two to ten images and/or videos that users can view by swiping through. This is the perfect way to showcase much more content in one single Ad.














4. Slideshow Ads

Slideshow Ads are similar to video ads in that they appear as a video in users’ feeds. These ads, however, are made up of a series of still images which play as a video, much like a slideshow. You can add text and audio to your Slideshow Ads.

5. Stories Ads

Instagram Stories Ads is one of the newest kinds of ads available to businesses on the platform. Instagram Stories is similar to Snapchat in that it allows users, and brands, to share self-destructing photos and videos. Brands can also advertise on Instagram Stories with a photo or video content.















After evaluating your ad format need… it’s time to create your ad.


Step 1: Link your Instagram account to your Facebook page

The first step to creating an Instagram ad is to link your Instagram account to your Facebook page. You only need to this once.

Visit the Settings for your Facebook page and click on “Instagram Ads.”

Next, click “Log In” and fill in your Instagram login credentials. If you don’t already have an Instagram account, you can also create one now.


Step 2: Create an Instagram ad campaign

After you’ve linked your Instagram account to your Facebook page, it’s time to head over to the Ads Manager and create your first campaign. If you’re more comfortable using Power Editor, you can also create Instagram ads there. If you already create Facebook ads, much of this process will be familiar to you.

In the Ads Manager, click on the “Campaigns” tab and then “+ Create” near the top left corner of the screen.

Next, choose your campaign objective. Remember, not all objectives are compatible with Instagram Stories Ads.


Step 3: Create your Instagram ad set

On the Ad Set page, you’ll be able to choose “Purchase” as the type of conversion you want to optimize for.

You can also choose to add an Offer, which will help drive even more conversions on your ad.

Next, define who you want to see your ads and how much money you want to spend. All the same targeting options are available for Instagram ads as for Facebook ads.

If you have any Custom Audiences already created, you can select them for targeting with your Instagram ad at this point.

Next, select your ad Placements. You’ll see the option to run your campaign on Instagram, as well as Facebook and Messenger.

When figuring out how much you want to spend when you advertise on Instagram, start low. You can always increase the budget later if your ad is performing well.

When you’re finished choosing who to target and how much to spend, click “Continue” in the bottom right.

On the next screen, you’ll see an option to choose your Instagram ad format. Note that the Canvas format is not compatible with Instagram. Once you’ve decided, scroll down to upload your images or videos.

After you’ve uploaded your visuals, scroll down further, and you’ll see an option on the left to add text to your ad.

Finally, to the right of the text editor, you’ll be able to preview how your ad will look on Instagram. Here’s how an example ad would look. You can also see how your ad would look in any other formats selected.

Once everything looks good, click “Place Order.” Otherwise, go back and make changes.


Step 4: Analyze and optimize your Instagram ads

Your work isn’t complete after you’ve launched your first Instagram ad campaign. Once it’s running, you’ll want to monitor its performance and test ideas to find the most effective messaging, creative, and targeting. Within Ads Manager, you can edit your Instagram ad to incorporate split testing, change the targeting parameters, and view analytics for the performance of your ads.

The first Instagram ad is always the hardest. Once you’ve conquered your first one, it’ll be much easier the second time around.

Are you advertising on Instagram? What are some strategies and techniques that you’ve found are especially helpful? Share your tips in the comments below!

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