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New Peta shared video causes negative reactions on Twitter

A video recently shared on Peta’s Twitter account; 2 kids are asked what they love to eat the most, one of the kids says, “Chicken and Pasta” while the other says, “Beef Burger”

They are both handed a tray with items to prepare a burger… and then asked what they think is missing from the tray. (Chicken)

They place a live Hen next to their tray and are handed knives and asked to kill the live Hen.

Both kids refuse to perform such act and hand the knife back… the producer then hands the knife to another person behind camera to pretend to decapitate the Hen in front of the kids. The Hen begins to screech as its held down… one of the kids begins to cry while the other moves away.

What may have caused the backlash from most users on Twitter may have been the way in which the boy responded to the situation in the video as he continued to cry. Most users commenting on how this can be traumatizing. Other users defended the video by saying that they should know and learn of how and where their food comes from.

Original Tweet below with video

Woulou eat a chicken sandwich if you had to slaughter the chicken yourself? [Video by + ]

Replies to video by Twitter users:


Full video:


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