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The New Oscars Category: Popular Film – A good idea?

The Academy recently announced a new category for next year Oscars: Achievement in  Popular Film. This news garnered mixed reactions from celebrities and fans alike. The new category seems to be a desperate attempt for the annual Oscars show, with viewer ratings falling every year. This announcement received plenty of criticism. West Wing star Rob Lowe tweeted, “The film business passed away today.” Actor and writer Andy Richter said: “Finally the Oscars will be giving a statue based on popularity so that those poor mountains of box office money won’t be lonely anymore.”
The movies predicted to be nominated for this category are Black Panther, Avengers: Infinity War, Mission Impossible: Fallout, A Quiet Place, and many other upcoming potential blockbusters. While there has been a significant amount of backlash against this new category, some people see it as an effective way of inclusion. It will make moviegoers connect better to the Oscars show. There have also been recent reports saying they will cut screentime of the technical categories awards; which again received quite an amount of backlash. It seems that the Academy is seriously struggling to stay relevant yet elitist. What are your thoughts on this?

Anusha S

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Anusha S


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