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4 Industries Expected To Grow In 2018

With technology moving at a breakneck pace, the speed of business is also increasing at record levels. As we pass the midway point of the year 2018, it is becoming more clear what industries are expected to keep growing. Here are four industries poised to see explosive growth in 2018:


Increasing demand by consumers and lawmakers for clean energy is propelling the industry toward the top of the list of business sectors that are rapidly expanding in 2018. Employment in the renewable wind and solar industries are now outpacing job creation in the traditional coal sector. Government support and investors looking to capitalize on the emerging energy sources are also helping to fuel the surge.


Despite the volatility in the international markets caused by impending trade wars and uncertainty in oil prices, freight companies are in fantastic shape heading through the end of 2018. A rapidly changing political scene is opening up new markets. As tensions with Cuba and Iran begin to ease, these countries will provide new opportunities for domestic exporters and the related freight business. New innovations in market intelligence also enable shippers to expand to new markets without taking on as much risk.


The latest buzzword in gaming and technology is virtual reality. Boasting an extremely high ceiling of potential, it is impossible to say where and when this technology will tap out. In addition to its appeal to hardcore gamers, the technology also has the potential to affect a myriad of industries from education, digital marketing, healthcare applications, and more. While the average price points of virtual reality and augmented reality technologies are still high, this cost will be sure to come down as the applications become accessible to everyone.


This industry has caught fire in recent years and shows no signs of slowing down. As the lives of everyone become more intertwined with the digital world, marketers will continue to find ways to harness that connectivity to reach more potential customers. The fields of content marketing and digital analytics are especially important for the impact it has on other business growth.

The golden age of technology and the continual development of new ways to reach people have propelled these four industries to the top of the charts for growth and profit ceilings. The possibilities are endless with these four industries as they continue to expand to new markets and leverage the power of innovation to grow.

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