The Power of a Pantsuit

power of a pantsuit dapulse

For years women have been told what to wear, how to wear it, how to look more feminine and so on, but there came a time when it had to stop; thus the adoption of the pantsuit. The pantsuit is defined as a pair of slacks, a matching blazer, a blouse, and some sort of sophisticated footwear. This was a way for women to become more than just objects or housewives, the addition of a pantsuit in their wardrobes gave them a masculine vibe thus creating the allure of the pantsuit. Back in the 1920s, when the pantsuit became a thing, the women who wore them were seen as confused about their gender or too modern, granted in the 20s women also wore monocles and used walking sticks. However, the normalization of the pantsuit in the decades to come changed its meaning. A woman wearing a pantsuit was no longer seen as someone who mimics a man, now she is seen as the most powerful woman in the room.

There is this aura that a woman in a pantsuit possesses, it’s like her confidence is ebbing off of her and flowing into the surrounding women, empowering them to be the queens they know that they are. Because now at a board meeting they won’t be asked to take notes or get coffee, because now this woman looks more like an executive rather than a secretary (no offense secretaries, you rock!). In other words, the incorporation of the pantsuit into a women’s apparel sort of created a decline in the power of men. Yes, of course, the playing field is far from even and the wage gap is still there but look where the pantsuit has gotten women. A woman now has the opportunity to become anything that she wants, yes some countries that don’t allow women to have jobs, but those countries are largely outnumbered.

Although, the need for a pantsuit to make a statement has largely declined. Now, women are more interested to let their inner confidence shine, rather than having their clothes imply it. Wearing a pantsuit used to be a phenomenon, where once you put on a suit you can take on the world. Now, the pantsuit is just a template, women can use their own style and confidence which allows them to have control of the room. The pantsuit used to be what commanded everyone’s attention, but now the woman has become the embodiment of this phenomenon. 

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