9 Indie Podcasts You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

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Podcasts are a great medium for any subject that you can think of. They are popular and there are always new ones popping up. With so many being made it can be difficult to find great podcasts. Here are a few indie podcasts that need to be shared and listened to.


Overdue was the first podcast I ever listened to and therefore holds a special place for me. But make no mistake that these hosts are working to make a quality podcast that anyone can listen to. The premise of the show is that one of the hosts reads a book that they have not read before, then they discuss the book. The hosts are two college friends who have a great repour. You want to sit in on the conversation with them. It is a great way to learn about books you might not have heard of or considered on your own.



Rants and reason is a podcast that we need right now. There is so much political division in this country that trying to find common ground can be difficult. However, that is exactly what this show aims to do. The two hosts, one conservative and the other liberal, discuss several aspects of politics. The hosts are friends who try to show you can have a civil conversation even if you do not agree with one another. This show should be spread far and wide in an attempt to help heal some of the wounds brought on by the last few years.



That’s Delightful is another political podcast but they have a  liberal lean. They discuss current events with their own commentary. The hosts are a doctor, a social worker, and a radio host. They are hilarious to listen to and always bring a laugh.  It has quickly become one of my favorite podcasts.



Deadball is a podcast that looks at the lives of players that were lost early due to misfortune. You do not need to be a fan of baseball to enjoy these life stories. They are glimpses into, most times, tragic lives that started with so much promise and ended horribly. The hosts are knowledgeable and are excellent storytellers.



Death’s Door podcast is a true crime show that looks specifically at death penalty cases. I am fortunate enough to have listened to the show since its launch. The original host is a lawyer who takes the time to explain aspects of these cases that are generally not common knowledge. The show has recently added a second host and changed up their format.



Grown Up Kids is a new to me podcast. This wife team is systematically watching every Disney movie that has been made. This podcast is can open you up to movies that you have not heard of or have not seen. They give you an overview of the movie, usually with a guest host, and pick their favorite parts and characters. It is a nice format with a great deal of information.



Appointment Television has one of the hosts of Overdue, which is how I discovered it. They give you all the news on television and have segments covering different types of television. One of the best segments they do is tv book club. They pick a season of a show and you can watch it with them. It is a great way for them to get involved with their audience and to have their audience engage as well.



They Walk Among Us is another favorite of mine. This is a true crime podcast from England. The husband and wife team that produces this show are fantastic. The episodes are well researched and written. They give you good amounts of information without overwhelming you. They have been at this for about two years so they have a great backlog to listen to.



Sense & Theory podcast was recently recommended to me and I think it is another that is needed in our political climate. The two hosts are friends, one raised liberal while the other was raised conservative. From what I can gather they are center with right and left leanings. They have intelligent and informative conversations on current politics. They also offer the history behind the politics of the US.



All of these shows being something to the table that is worth listening to. They are hardworking hosts that put time and effort into their work. Podcasts are a great way to learn new information and can be listened to anywhere. I highly suggest giving all of these a listen.

Alicia W

Alicia W


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