Watchdogs: How Ubisoft helps audiences open childlike eyes, think vicariously and solve strategically.

One aspect of Artificial intelligence isn’t taken seriously. Today, media pieces such as video games and cartoons usually depict the world we live in. Animated series predicting real-life events years in advance isn’t an uncommon phenomenon. Some believe these things to be coincidental or ironic. Many claim their express reluctance or incapability to associated in “childish things”. Light-hearted partaking’s invoke heart hearted responses at times. Of course, some adults put childlike things behind them after some time. Though, teenagers and adolescents alike retain some youthful characteristics concerning “inward” things.

In continuation: cartoons, video games or anything concerning animation, ADULTS are the creators thereof. Therefore, these adults conceptualize and dissect ideas and themes with younger viewers in mind. However, some children are more perceptive. Older individuals can also become knowledgeable concerning learning through youthful entertainment. Albeit, those involved in the information technology fields may take an interest. Those involved with Design, production, scripting, developing or anything technical collectively craft complex puzzles and graphic illustrations that intrigue our psyche.

By applying strategy to video games, a younger technical or average individual could come to understand what they couldn’t conventionally. People don’t understand every scripted line. Some find themselves not realizing the dirty jokes and subliminal sayings that animations utter until quite some time, if at all. Viewers of media broadcast and public airings of all sorts: should use childish reasoning as interpretation. In a sense, this is already done. When speaking about faith or childlike belief, most adults immediately become uneasy. The title “wishful thinking” is used to stereotype certain believers. A child’s perspective is disregarded on account of anxiousness or the unrealistic views of a willing and open-minded interpretation, usually by the self-imposed opposition.

Dog Duo

The dual Watchdogs games are in anticipation of becoming a Trilogy. The first introduction of Watchdogs was rather monotonous, offering little to no substance concerning an interactive experience through the eyes of a “hacker”. It only introduced players to another way of creatively creating mayhem and gore, using a night rider derived character nonetheless. The revamped sequel offered a wider range of strategically analytical gameplay. Watchdogs 2 was everything we hoped the inaugural would be. Gameplay evolved a step above the previous versions. Also, the venue receives a relocation.

The setting is moved from the cold dark streets of NYC to the sunny scenery of Northern California. Although the location changes, waves of traffic concerning the technology, data, and the populace respectively remain intact. A new group holds authority over “DeadSec” operations. Deadsec is composed of numerous skilled hackers: acting as “crusaders”. They act as “Watchmen”, fighting against “the system” for the benighted and the uninformed. One named Marcus Holloway serves as the new main character of the game. In addition, he acts as leader and lead-field worker of DeadSec. Marcus takes player 1, and friends (if applicable) through the invisible cyber world around us.

The complexity and depth of technology become realized through the game’s storyline. Everything “conspiracy theorist” warning concerning Privacy comes to an unnerving realization. Now can you recall any error message on any of your devices? After removing a USB flash drive the improper way, (by snatching it out) have you noticed a message saying; “Be careful” or “Oh snap?!” There is meaning behind it. Your device knows this, maybe somebody else watching now too? What do you think? If you actually care for substance and not just action-packed menacing that most video games use to entice gamers with, you may come to understand your devices better. Anything you can imagine plus what you refuse to believe comes alive. Hacking targets include; smartphones, computers, cars, traffic lights, company infrastructures, cellular/broadband towers, digital billboards, space satellites, and even remote-controlled devices. There is a realistic mirroring of the many technical intrusions looming over the technology we so depend on.

People today trust their devices more than others. However, trusting in devices created by humanity is questionable. Surely some have a flaw but others may have intentional misfortune implanted, usually inflicting the consumer. Instances such as hacking ATM’s and draining accounts occur. Furthermore, Hacking cameras and security systems of children and high-ranking officials take place. Data breaches concerning personal information and privacy are probed efficiently and in a suave fashion. Everything experienced in the game eerily invokes vicarious thoughts of our reality.

Watchdogs 3 Anticipation

As mentioned before, it’s not uncommon to see virtual stories honoring events cemented in human history. Examples of the same are that of the Assassin’s Creed and the Call of Duty series. Moreover, Assassin’s Creed happens to be developed by Ubisoft. The potential wish list pleads for more real-life stories. Concerning Watchdogs 3, what can we expect? Will we be taken deeper into cyberspace? A future storyline arc along those aspects would be comprehensible to Ubisoft’s audience. A possible probe pertaining to communications could be involved. The probing of emails could be examined.

Viewers could learn how human carelessness can affect the vulnerability of private information. Or the strategic planning and concealing of a plotted collusion could be realized using “juvenile” thinking. How would an outside entity meddle in another countries election? Would the transition from paper voting to electronic casting be the cause? Will we get a taste of our own medicine, per say? These things can be handled in a nonviolent matter also. Technology, genuine innovation and deception alike all require strategic planning and analysis. To rephrase; information, connections, signals can be bilaterally wielded as conveniences or weapons. Many privacy concerns of the American people have been questioned over the past few years.

There are many cover-ups concerning the true intentions of the world’s innovations, innovators, and the third-party. Also, every citizen’s personal seclusion is constantly questioned. Many credit reporting agencies such as Experian have been breached. Dark web themed missions should be considered noteworthy projects as well. The idea of discovering how information leaks occur would be titillating. Furthermore, pinpointing prior events such as vehicular high jacking’s and disappearances would be most reassuring for many. Probing deeper into the matters can be helpful for both aspects. These augmented experiences in virtual realities can give cybersecurity experts ideas on how to defend computer systems. In turn, our real-life experiences puzzle some individuals concerning technology. Alas, through video game created by the human touch; I myself, was able to grasp some knowledge of infrastructures, connections, and even system intrusions. In all, everyone should try to deepen understanding by way of vicarious thinking and the opening of childlike eyes. If this proves impossible, enlist the aid of a “watchdog” or 3D glasses.



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