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Instagram users are turning their hair into a vase, and it looks weird but fun

Instagram, the cradle of the craziest beauty trends in the world, is seeing a new fashion born.

This is a very Marge Simpson look spring version that was baptized as the #FlowerVaseHair

It all started when this YouTuber, inspired by the cover of Beyoncé in the September issue of Vogue, wanted to find a floral version “easier to carry”, so she created this tutorial:

She also made a popular video in which she went out through the streets of Hong Kong with her hair in the shape of a vase … and it went super well in her adventure.
This was the incredible, and crazy, result:

Because it is such a strange look, but also fun, it has quickly gone viral and many people are recreating it on Instagram.


There are those who add their own personal touch, such as: recreating not one, but TWO vases.

There are also people who experiment with other types of plants …

Even with eucalyptus leaves.

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Some even wear the floral look, not only on the hair, but also on the face.


But all the styles have two things in common: one, that the hair must go up, and two, it must be decorated at the tips with flowers.


And if you have short hair, No problem. You only need imagination.

The idea is that, if it catches your attention, you venture to do it, and take a photo for Instagram.

Do not forget to use a bottle of water, so that it stays up, and use the hashtag so that others can look for you and it rains likes on your picture: #FlowerVaseHair.


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