You Can Now Buy Bags Of Mini Chocolate-Filled Ice Cream Cone Tips

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Someone is crowdfunding online to launch a delicious project – packs of chocolate-filled ice cream cone tips.

Muddy Bites was launched by Nick Cavegn, after he noticed a gap in the market, and the idea sounds absolutely delicious.

Each bag will cost approximately £2.68 ($3.49), and you will get around 15 bite-sized cones in each bag. You can pre-order a pack of them here.

Nick is currently trying to raise £22,939 to launch the project fully, and he has so far had £3,127 pledged from 127 backers.

However, there is a catch. Muddy Bites currently only ships to the US, so we might have to wait for them to take off a bit before we can get our hands on them.

Nick also teased the possibility of new flavors like peanut butter, cookies and cream, caramel and mint chocolate chip, which we are totally on board with.

Discussing his idea, Nick said: “After eating hundreds of sundae cones throughout my life, I noticed that a ton people loved the bottom part filled with chocolate.

“It was weird, despite the massive popularity of the tasty treat, when I looked around, there was nothing on the market for it.”

As well as being delicious, chocolate was added to the bottom of ice cream cones for more practical reasons.

To stop melted ice cream from leaking out the hole at the bottom of the cone, chocolate was poured in and frozen to seal it, which stops you from getting sticky.


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