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What to Do If You’ve Busted Your Phone

Cellphones are so expensive these days that one little accident can be devastating. We rely on them for everything from messaging, to social media interactions, audio, and video calls, and recording personal information. You should consider phone insurance if the monthly cost is significantly lower than the price to replace your phone. If you don’t have insurance or the $600-$800 to spend on a new phone, you do have options.

Repair Your Phone Yourself

If your issue is simple such as a shattered screen or a broken camera, it is likely you can repair it yourself. Most manufacturers make it easy for you to be able to open your phone. It’s important to note, if you try to fix your phone, your warranty may be void, and it will also be harder to sell in the future.

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Trade-in/Sell Your Broken Phone

Getting a replacement phone will cost you a decent amount of money. Even though your phone is broken, you can still shave money off of a new phone. If your phone is easily fixable, but you don’t want to go through the trouble, many re-sale companies will pay you up to $200.

Find A Repair Place

Depending on the severity of the damage, a local phone repair shop can fix your phone, tablet, or other devices in less than an hour. Most broken cell phone screens cost as little as $100 to replace. Many repair shops offer mobile services where they will come to your work or anywhere so you can continue with your daily life. They can fix practically any damage to your phone including a missing volume button, cracked screen, or technical problem.

Reference: Puls Technologies

Extracting Data

When a cellphone breaks or is damaged, you are probably worried about recovering your data. Data recovery can get information even from destroyed devices. There are several smartphone recovery software programs created to help you do just that. A data recovery program can extract data from broken phones and backup files. Just turn your device on ‘Trust’ and download the desired software. Scan the device and restore or save the data to your desktop or laptop computer. If you aren’t computer savvy, you can hire a 3-rd party service to do it for you. Many reputable data recovery businesses have a mobile recovery division that specializes in recovering important information from physically damaged and logically damaged mobile devices and their storage media.

Reference: Utah Data Recovery

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