What is the most creepy or paranormal thing you have experienced in your career as a flight attendant?

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I was operating a flight to Brisbane.

During these ultra-long flights the crew get some hours of rest. The airline i work for, we get approx 5 hours of rest on board whenever we fly to AUS. The rest area is called ‘’crew rest compartment’’. Depending on the aircraft type it is either up or down in the plane.

You open a door somewhere in the plane.

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You either go up or climb down and it looks something like this:

I thought i would show photos so you guys could get a better picture of how it is in these crew rest compartments.

Anyhow so i had this flight and i was sitting on the jump seat back in the galley. I was drinking some hot tea to relax. Then comes a co-worker of mine and sat next to me. We started to talk about everything. The fun thing with being a cabin crew working for a big airline is that each time we operate a flight you get to work with a new set of team. So i had never seen this girl before or worked with her before, until this flight. It is always fun meeting new co-workers and get to know each other.

We talked about pretty much everything WHEN we came to the topic of creepy hotel rooms during layovers and haunted planes. I have no idea how we ended up discussing this topic. But she told me that THIS specific aircraft we were operating was haunted. I thought to myself thanks for letting me know but i did not wanted to know this detail. She told me that she had flown on this exact aircraft few times and felt weird stuff happening on board EACH TIME SHE FLEW. She told me the story behind this ‘’haunted aircraft’’.

She told me that many years ago there was this passenger that was on board this plane and his poor wife had died while on vacation. They had his wife in the cargo to bring her back home. That is not unusual that planes carry deceased people in the cargo. In fact that happens often on many planes daily. They call it HR for human remains, in the cargo. They are shipped in metal containers in the cargo area of the plane.

My co-worker told me that during that flight there was a woman that went to the galley and asked for a drink. The cabin crew told the woman that she will prepare it for her but that she could go back to her seat and she will bring the drink to her in a bit. The woman pointed out where she was seated so the crew would know. She also told the crew that she was sitting next to her husband. The crew prepared the drink and took the drink to the woman. When the crew went to the seat there was only a man sitting there. The crew told the man that there was a lady that wanted a drink and if the man knew where that lady was. The man told the crew that there was no lady sitting next to him and that he was sitting there alone. The crew told the man that there was a lady asking for a drink and pointed out that she was sitting next to him. The crew and the man was having a discussion about this and then the man told the crew that it was impossible that his wife had requested a drink because his wife was deceased, and was in the cargo etc. The man had told the crew that the crazy part was that the drink the crew was holding a Bloody Mary, was actually his wife’s favorite drink. The man got shocked about the whole situation and so did the crew.

So this was the story my co-worker told me that had happened on board this exact aircraft. That a lot of crew knew about this story and everyone are cautious when operating this exact aircraft etc. I had never heard about this story before and did not know what to think about it. She told me that earlier that flight that she had dropped a cup of water on a passengers leg. That whenever she work on board this aircraft weird things happen. Usually she is very careful to not drop anything or spill anything on passengers. That unexplainable situations happens even ridiculous things happen.

Now here we come to the crew rest compartment i was mentioning above. She told me that every time she flown this plane whenever she was having rest in the crew rest compartment that there would be some kind of turbulence happening. Then whenever her break was over and she would go up/down the turbulence would end and it would be as if nothing had happened. She told me weird noises were heard in the crew rest compartment. Weird noises out of the ordinary, not the typical noise a airplane makes when flying. Strange noises would be heard in strange corners of the rest area etc.

I did not know what to think about everything that she told me. When it was my time to have rest i have to be honest i was scared/uneasy to go and have my rest in the crew rest compartment. But thankfully i did not have to have my rest there alone. We were 4 that had rest at the same time. I was uncomfortable the entire time. Even if we were 4 crew resting in the same area i did not feel comfortable. Everyone had closed their drapes and were trying to rest/sleep for the 5 hours of rest we had.

It was impossible for me to rest, because of the ‘’haunted’’ plane story i was told about. Of course there were 1000 different noises down there. But i couldn’t tell if it was the usual noises a plane makes or if it was unusual noises. Of course we had turbulence happening as well but it wasn’t that severe or bad. Turbulence happens all the time so i don’t know if that was something weird or not. I could not close my eyes for 1 second laying down there.


I did not want to bother my co-workers either to keep me company or talk to me as most of them were sleeping. For the remaining 5 hours, i was laying there starring at the wall. I am not that scared of the dark but when i get told creepy stories like that it makes me uneasy for the remaining of the day. Like watching horror movies, it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to sleep after such movies. That is why i don’t watch many horror movies anymore. I can’t sleep afterwards.

100% i respect the living and the unknown/deceased. Regardless if there is something or someone around us or not. But for sure when we hear stories like that it make us think or feel uneasy. Specially going to a rest area that doesn’t exactly look normal.

When we landed in Brisbane i think i looked like a ghost myself with zero rest/sleep after approx 14hours of flight.

It was one interesting flight, i tell you that…

Susan Brown, Flight Attendant


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