Here are the top questions asked to Google since 2004

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We’re celebrating by taking a look at what we asked Google the most in the US.

Top “How to” questions:

Top “What is” questions:

Top “Why is” questions:

Top “Who is” questions:


Donald Trump is the most searched President since 2004, followed by George Washington.

Video game streamer Pewdiepie is the most searched Youtuber in the US while Minecraft is the most searched game.

Titanic is the most searched for film,
but DiCaprio is only the second most searched actor.

Japan is the top searched flight destination in the US, while at home Chicago is the top destination by train.

American Football is the most searched sport in the US, and the Dallas Cowboys are the most searched team.

The Chicago Cubs are the most searched MLB team, while Miami Heat top the NBA teams.

Friends is the most searched Emmy winning comedy, while Lost is the most searched drama.

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