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4 States with Interesting Alcohol Laws

Though the United States is unique in the world for having a free citizenry that has a great deal of personal liberty, some things still fall under the strict rules of law. One of these things is alcohol consumption. Every state in the union has its own set of alcohol sale and consumption laws, though none of them allow drinking while intoxicated. Nationwide, these laws are a mixture of historic temperance statutes and guidelines that are established by law enforcement recommendations. Some are strange, but they all contribute to how alcohol is perceived.

Idaho: Huge Land Mass, Sparse Population

Idaho’s liquor laws center around alcohol’s presence per capita. This state measures more than 83,000 square miles in area, but it limits liquor licenses by population. Liquor licenses are issued at a rate of one per 1,500 hundred residents. With only about 1.5 million people, it is possible for several towns, in more than one county, to have access to only one establishment that is allowed to serve spirits. Of course, most businesses with liquor licenses are found in urban centers. Unfortunately, in this state, urban centers are separated by hours of driving along dangerous and lonely highways in the wilderness.

Louisiana: It’s All About Intent

As one of the last states in the country to raise its drinking age to 21, Louisiana has left plenty of room in its alcohol laws for hardcore enthusiasts. Having alcohol in your vehicle is not considered a violation by Louisiana law. It isn’t even a violation if the containers are open. What is a true violation, however, is a drinking apparatus in the containers. That’s right, Louisiana law enforcement tends to only look down upon containers that are set-up for consumption. This includes straws, glasses, funnels, and anything else commonly seen on a street during Mardi Gras.

Pennsylvanian Puritans and Wine

The United States is the best place in the world to practice capitalistic methods of business. This is true even for businesses that make a profit from selling things like exotic and craft wines. No matter how popular an establishment is for selling great wine, in this state, it is only allowable to have about 1,000 bottles of wine in storage at any one time. If stores exceed this amount, excess bottles must be confiscated and destroyed in a public place with witnesses. This is one Puritanical influence that has remained for centuries, though Pennsylvania wine sellers are some of the most popular in the country.

Nevada: The Sin State is Light on Liquor

Nevada bucks the trend of every other US state when it comes to carrying open containers. Public intoxication and consumption from an open container is considered a violation of alcohol laws in all other 49 states. However, Nevada has written legislation that states that alcoholism is a disease deserving of humanitarian protection. From the open desert to the Las Vegas strip, it is not illegal to be in public with an open container of alcohol. Be warned. There are harsh rules and regulations if you misbehave while enjoying this lax liquor law.

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