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Nursing is Changing: Here’s How

The nursing industry has seen a great many changes over the last few decades. Nurses are more highly trained than ever before, and the opportunities for advancement have increased. Nursing jobs are in high demand, and that’s not likely to change any time soon. Nurses are more diverse, and they have more diverse job opportunities.

Nurses are More Educated

A nurse’s training is much more structured and demanding than in years past making them an integral part of a medical team. Nursing education focuses on a strong science foundation in classroom work. Along with that, practical nursing skills are taught in a clinical setting. Every nurse must pass a national exam no matter what degree they’ve earned, and there are continuing education requirements in order to keep a license-up-to-date. Many nurses have master’s degrees and specialized certifications in fields like cardiology or radiology.

Nurses Have Better Job Choices

Today more nurses see patients in a variety of settings. Many nurses find working in nursing homes and schools very rewarding. More adventurous nurses might find working as a flight nurse, travel nurse, or cruise nurse more to their liking. Many specialized clinics might have nurses traveling to people’s homes, or working in wound care or cancer treatment.

Nurses Have More Opportunities

As nurses have become more educated, they have gained more opportunities for advancement. As the population ages, geriatric nurses are in demand. With the rise in heart disease, comes a rise in cardiac nursing. Many times it will be a nurse running a clinic or hospital unit. Even nurses working in the typical hospital environment are expected to contribute more to the team designing a patient’s treatment plan. Because of the increased opportunities and responsibilities that nurses are being given today, they also get benefits comparable to the physicians that they work with. They are eligible to receive disability insurance, just like the doctors, in the case that an illness or injury prevents them from working. Nurses are a valued part of a medical team and are being treated more as such every day.

Nurses are Diverse

Most nurses are women and white. However, nearly 10% of nurses are male, nearly 27% are African American, and nearly 8% are Hispanic. While these numbers do not match the general population these nurses are serving, these numbers are on the rise. The more diverse nursing becomes, the better the nursing profession is able to meet the needs of the general population with appropriate care and compassion.

The demand for nurses is so high that becoming a nurse usually means good benefits, higher pay, and flexible schedules. Nursing is a rewarding and meaningful career as well. The opportunities for advancement provide many nurses with a strong and stable career that is accessible to anyone willing to put in the work.

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