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Declutter Your Apartment with These Hot Tips

Apartments can easily feel overcrowded due to their small size. This makes it very important to keep clutter under control. You can do this by sorting through your belongings, deciding what should stay and what will go, and locating a new home for unwanted items. Use the following tips to declutter and re-organize your apartment:

Sorting the Clutter

You should sort through your belongings first. Put them into three piles. One pile is to keep, one is to throw away, and the third is for recycling. You can quickly identify things you won’t need by asking yourself when you last used it. If you haven’t worn that old sweater for several years, the chances are that you never will.

Be careful to only keep what you need instead of what you want. Your wants are not necessary, while your needs are what you can’t live without. Focus on areas of concern such as the kitchen and bathroom where extra space is needed the most.

Finding Room for What You Keep

To find enough space for the things you have in your keep pile, you’ll have to declutter your storage unit the same way that you did your apartment.

Having a storage space with ample room for your most important belongings will free up a lot of space. You can reserve that space for things you use daily. Use your storage unit for seasonal items like decorations, furniture, equipment, snow shovels and brushes. Look at each item and ask yourself whether it’s a seasonal piece.


There are a lot of places where you can recycle your unwanted goods. Donate items in good condition to charities. You can also drop many housewares, articles of clothing, and furniture off at your local Goodwill store or thrift shop. Even consignment shops and online auctions are helpful. You might make some money while you’re at it.

Recycling isn’t limited to finding places that can make use of your discarded things. Plastic, paper, metals, and other material resources can be dropped off at your local recycling center.

Once you’ve sorted your belongings into categories, found a place to donate or recycle unwanted items, and made room for what you will keep, your apartment will feel organized. This organization leads to more room for the things you treasure most.

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Editorial Staff at DAPULSE

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