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Why Essential Oils Are Dominating The Health Industry

As of today, essential oils are dominating the health industry, but understanding why that is you first have to understand what essential oils are.

What essential oils are

Essential oils are living fluids extracted from plants that are often used in aromatherapy due to their distinct smells. The living fluids that are extracted are part of the plant’s seeds, bark, roots, leaves, and so forth. Once these fluids are extracted, they are put together with a carrier oil which makes them accessible for human use.

How Essential Oils are Used

Essential oils can work with your body in many different ways and are applied by being placed on the skin or simply smelled. Smelling these oils are the most common form of intake and once it is inhaled the chemicals present in this concentrate help the part of  the brain that is responsible for feeling calm.

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The Effects of Essential Oils

Not all essential oils share the same effects on people. Almost every different essence has a different application and result. The majority of positive results claim to be improvements in various health issues. According to a study documented at the US National Center for Biotechnology Information, essential oils appear to be effective when helping a health issue along with another form of therapy. For example, one study suggested that if a participant has a massage with the use of essential oils can help relieve stress but only as long as the massage lasts. However, another study published in Science Direct suggests that essentials oils have the same stress-relieving effect separate from receiving another therapy treatment at the same time. In this case, it was shown that people waiting in a dentist’s waiting room reported less stress before going in while essential oils were being used in the air for everyone to smell.

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Side Effects of Essential Oils

It’s a pretty mixed bag in regards to an individual’s results using essential oils. In some rare cases, people experience negative side effects which are most commonly rashes. However, these rashes are more susceptible to people who already have sensitive skin and mainly form when the oil is applied directly to the skin as opposed to smelling it in the air.

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Essential oils are taking the world by storm because of the potential health benefits they have along with a low risk of side effects. Although more serious tests have to be conducted to confirm positive claims about essential oils, the fact that people have reported positive impacts from using it is enough to get consumers excited. For most people, there is nothing to lose and everything to gain by using essential oils, and it can act as a natural remedy.

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