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Are Essential Oils Bad For the Environment?

Essential oils are fantastic because they help to relieve a number of mental and physical health issues. Unfortunately, there’s been a lot of bad press about essential oils recently because people are beginning to see that they can be bad for the environment. It’s important to note that it’s not necessarily the oils themselves that are bad, but it depends on how they are sourced that can make the difference.

How Some Companies Work

Some companies work on a give and take basis. They might use natural sources for their essential oils, but they give back to the environment by continually planting and growing more of what they’ve taken for the products. However, not all companies are like this and some will simply take ingredients more than they give back. This is when it becomes a problem for the environment.

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Why Essential Oils Themselves Aren’t the Problem

Essential oils are good for the environment because they’re made using natural and often organic ingredients. It’s not a worry that they are not made using chemicals and other ingredients that are bad for the environment. However, it depends on how they are sourced when it concerns how good they are for the earth. If the sourcing is done unethically, it is going to result in a lot of barren land and a ton of bushes, trees and other plants to be torn down specifically for the essential oils.

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Unethical Practices by Companies

Before buying any type of essential oil, be sure that you’re purchasing it from an ethical company that sources its oils from readily available plants and trees. The company might also work to regrow the plants they are harvesting, which is also important if they are mass producing a specific oil. Keep in mind that you need to know which type of company is good and which one is unethical. By doing some research on different oil companies, you can decipher which ones are good for your own healthy lifestyle.

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Essential oils are ideal for living a healthy alternative lifestyle, but it’s crucial that you look into the wide range of oils available to you and make it your mission to find one that is going to be perfect for your needs. You can then learn the myriad of ways for you to make use of these oils on a regular basis whether this is for yourself or for one of your loved ones through massage or aromatherapy. If you are using essential oils as a way to find relief from pain or symptoms of illness, check out this article to see if it might be able to help you!

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