When a DNA test reveals your family’s from somewhere completely different

black inc crew dapulse lol

When @queenozymandias Italian family took a DNA test, they got an unexpected surprise.

My uncle on my Italian side got one of the DNA tests done and it turns out they’re not Italian and everyone in my family is having a mental breakdown— ? (@queenozymandias) November 23, 2018

My dad is yelling at his brother “WHY DID YOU DO THIS”— ? (@queenozymandias) November 23, 2018

Dad is currently yelling in an excessively Italian accent at his brother and my stepmom that his life has been ruined— ? (@queenozymandias) November 23, 2018

Currently looking at a map to try to figure out if we could be from like the Italian part of Switzerland, a thing that my father now is convinced exists— ? (@queenozymandias) November 23, 2018

My uncle Andy is now yodeling in the kitchen and my dad is yelling at him to shut up— ? (@queenozymandias) November 23, 2018

This all came up bc I had to explain to my step brother what “Joey bag a donuts” meant and it all came up— ? (@queenozymandias) November 23, 2018

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