Fan Edit Creates Controversy, But Who Is To Blame?

A fan reposted an edit from a fellow Dolan twin supporter onto twitter. The response she received was unexpected.

The short edit consisted of Grayson Dolan’s brother, Ethan Dolan, dying. The creator of the edit used clips from their YouTube videos and snippets of audio also from their videos to create an (almost) realistic scenario.

Now if you are a fan/supporter of the twins or just keep up to date on Instagram and Twitter, you may have already seen many of these distressing simulations. So you may be asking yourself why this one in particular?

Well, the truth is I can’t tell you that, as I don’t know myself. However, looking from a theoretical point of view, it may just be that Grayson was at a tipping point and finally commented.

Grayson replied to the tweet with “This is so f***ed up.”

He then followed it with a tweet soon after which said “I don’t really ever want to see edits of me or my brother dying. It gives me bad vibes.”

Now, this is quite understandable, as I personally don’t think most people would enjoy seeing that either. However, not everyone agreed with this, as they said it wasn’t a real so it shouldn’t affect you.

This lead to a large amount of the fandom to point the guilty finger at Grayson, all due to his first response to the edit on Twitter.

Many said his response was “harsh” and “unnecessary”. Their reason being that the twitter account owner just reposted an edit and wasn’t them who made. And as they didn’t make it, they shouldn’t be the one getting criticism.

However, I deeply disagree. I, as an owner of a fan account, believe you take up the same responsibilities when posting new content or reposting others content.

It takes the same mentality to think what you’re posting is okay, and won’t harm others emotionally or mentally.

In addition, when I was scrolling through hundreds and thousands of Instagram and Twitter comments, I saw many arguments as to why Grayson was the one at fault.

I saw one in particular that came up quite regularly. The fans came up with an excuse for sending hate towards Grayson.

He expressed his feelings to a video of his own twin brother dying, after years of watching these sorts of distressing videos in his tagged posts.

However, fans took this as an opportunity. An opportunity to say he’d never commented before and that he should of “stayed quiet” or “put it nicer”, and the fact he’d never commented before just meant he was being rude.

I, once again disagree, as I look at this reposted edit of a distressing, possibly triggering edit as the final straw for Grayson.

I am just using educated guess-work here, but as seen in his videos and posts, the twins have talked a lot about their own mental health, while also bringing light to the subject as a whole.

As well as personal family life information about their father, which could increase the trigger factor of the video, as Ethan is dying/dead in the edit.

He has expressed how important family is to him, especially his identical twin brother, Ethan. So I personally don’t blame him for this response.

However, I don’t believe the creator should get the hate either. I believe the creator should take notes from this situation for future reference, and maybe it will make them think before they post.

It is extremely unfortunate that this was the fans first interaction with one of the twins. However, Grayson shouldn’t be sent hate for expressing his opinion about something made for him to see and react to however he wishes.

Grayson has accumulated millions of followers through Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. However, this shouldn’t change how we judge situations.

He is still a human like every other person, who has emotions and rights to express them. Grayson’s fame shouldn’t make his opinions less valid.

Overall, I believe no one is at fault, however, the creator should learn from their mistakes and people sending hate should re-evaluate their decisions and actions.

Everyone is human, even celebrity’s. Don’t let fame and money blind you. All opinions are valid no matter what class you are in.


A fan of the twins who updates and shares their opinions on drama and events that include the Dolan twins.

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