Tooth Pain? Here Are 3 Natural Remedies to Try Out

There is nothing worse than a toothache. The throbbing pain seems to pulsate with each beat of your heart. Some equate the pain of an infected tooth to that of childbirth. What are you supposed to do when the dentist is closed, and you are in agony? Mother nature provides many methods to cure what ails you. Until you can get to the dentist, natural remedies are key.

Raw Onions

The antimicrobial and antiseptic properties of onions immediately begin to work on the infection causing the pain. As a relative of garlic, the strong properties of these vegetables can draw the germs and bring relief. The best way to use this method is to take slices of onions and lay them on the infected area. You can also chew on onion for three or four minutes until the pain has subsided. It’s safe enough to repeat this process as often as you wish.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Composed of both hydrogen and oxygen, peroxide is one toothache remedy that has been used for decades. That foaming action immediately begins working to eat away infection. To safely treat an abscess, you want to get the brown bottle that has about three percent strength. Mix the peroxide with one tablespoon of water, then simply use a Q-tip or cotton ball to apply it. Relief should be almost instant.

Now, it’s imperative to keep in mind that peroxide can be dangerous too. Make sure that you do not swallow the solution as it can cause digestive issues. Keeping the bacteria under control is just one way hydrogen peroxide can help protect your tooth as you wait to go to the dentist.


While the ginger root works best, you can also use powdered ginger that you have in your spice cabinet. Simply rub some of this spice on the troubled area. You will feel a warm sensation from the herb as it begins to soothe the region. As this herb warms the area, it acts as a heating pad for the area. While it doesn’t eat the infection, it does bring quick relief. Be sure not to overdo it because as with many spices, this one tends to be a bit potent. However, it’s 100 percent safe if swallowed.

Most people are quick to turn to over-the-counter medications, which only mask the pain. Many herbal treatments can begin working to clear the infection. Keep in mind that these are temporary fixes until you can get into your dentist.

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