3 Colorado Cities with Captivating History

Colorado is one of the most popular vacation spots in the country, mostly because it marries unique downtowns for city lovers and wide, open spaces for outdoor lovers. Here are three Colorado cities that are worth a visit due to their captivating histories.

Old Colorado City

Like many old west Colorado towns, Old Colorado City was founded at the height of the gold rush, specifically the Pikes Peak Gold Rush in 1859. Originally, the town served as a hub for the local mines. As such, the first name for Old Colorado City was El Dorado before it was changed. In those early days, Old Colorado City was full of bordellos, saloons, and even opium dens. However, the town eventually cleaned itself up. These days it features grand Victorian mansions, lots of art galleries, and small boutiques. To celebrate its past and present, the town holds an annual festival called Territory Days. This festival takes over the historic downtown every May. As you walk the same streets of all those gold miners, you can eat great food, experience the Native American culture of the region, watch skilled blacksmiths, and quench your thirst at the beer gardens.


Perhaps the most well-known city in Colorado, Denver is the state’s capital and the most populous city. The city was also founded during the Pikes Peak Gold Rush. Connecting a railway to the transcontinental railroad in 1870 solidified the importance of the city and allowed it to grow into what is today. Denver is a beautiful site, nestled between the Rocky Mountains and the High Plains. In downtown Denver, you can experience a wide range of great activities, including seeing shows at the Ogden Theater and eating at great restaurants. To experience even more Denver history, you can walk the micro-district called the Dairy Block. Windsor Dairy, today known as the Dairy Block, was led and brought to prominence by H. Brown Cannon after a landmark real estate deal inked in 1920. The area features the Dairy Block art program, which features local artists who honor Denver’s past and present.


Like any good Colorado town, Boulder originally served as a starting point for miners and gold seekers to travel into the mountains. Today, Boulder is best known for the wealth of outdoor activities it provides. From rock climbing to hiking, Boulder has thousands of acres of open, wild space for you to enjoy. In downtown Boulder, there are many different festivals and events that happen year-round. In March, you can attend the Boulder International Film Festival that features big names. You can also enjoy the Snow Much Fun events around downtown where you can see thousands of lights sparkle around Boulder’s Central Park.

No matter where you go in the grand state of Colorado, you are sure to experience a rich history and tons of fun activities.

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