3 Tips for Getting the Best Real Estate Agent

When buying a home, there’s an abundance of factors to consider. One of the most important is your real estate agent. These professionals act as representation whose goal is to find you the right home. Whether or not you get the right home depends largely on whether you have a quality agent. To find the best real estate agent possible, you need to follow these three tips.

Interviews Are Important

Finding a real estate agent involves hiring someone for a temporary position. That’s why Class Harlan reminds us that it’s important to interview your candidates thoroughly. You need to ask questions that are relevant not only to real estate but to your specific needs as a homebuyer as well. Interview as many candidates as possible. Even if the first one seems worthwhile, the next one could be even better. Questions should be open-ended so that candidates are less likely to bluff their way through responses.

Experience is Key

Experience isn’t something that can be easily faked. McWhinney tells us that good real estate agents know the best communities, where you can feel a connection to nature, as well as your local businesses. During the interviews, ask the candidates to explain their experience and its value. Find how they can best serve your needs. If you have a particular neighborhood or town you’re planning to move to, focus on that. You’ll fare better if they know the area well. They don’t have to live in that area necessarily, but they should be able to answer specific questions about it that demonstrates some expertise.

Look for Recommendations

When someone has a good experience with their real estate agent, it’s going to be difficult for them to hide their elation. If you know anyone who’s just bought or is in the process of buying a house, ask them about their real estate agent. Should they seem hesitant to discuss it or immediately launch into criticisms, you shouldn’t go to that agent. Consider which of the viable candidates would be most likely to help you out and get in touch with them. Even if a friend or colleague recommends them, you shouldn’t be afraid to turn down a candidate if you have reason to believe they wouldn’t click with you.

None of these tips for hiring a real estate agent should be seen as particularly demanding or cause you to set your expectations too high. There might not be one perfect real estate agent, but you can definitely find someone you trust and who has your best interests in mind. Your confidence as a homebuyer can grow when you have the right real estate agent by your side.

Christian Z

Editorial Staff at DAPULSE

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