Cooking with Beer? 4 Recipes You’ve Got to Try

While beer is a beverage that many Americans enjoy along with their chili, hotdogs, burgers and other tasty foods, here are four food recipes that involve cooking with beer.

Beer Cheese

When it comes to beer cheese, you can get creative. Craft Beering talks about using combining beer with cheese to make dips. Indeed, there are many choices of beer to consider when whipping up a delectable dish to have at a summer cookout, adult family gathering (no beer cheese for those under 21), or holiday gathering. The best news is that if gouda cheese, cheddar or some other tasty cheese is your fancy (goat cheese, anyone?), beer cheese recipes can be very flexible. It may be best to check into what your guests are comfy with. If it is a double date at your house, finding out what your guests may like as a cheese or beer selection with your unique beer cheese dish may be a wise step to take.

Sea Dog

Some may equate the term “Sea Dog” with a gruff veteran of the US Navy. The Sea Dog is a great fried fish dish to cook with beer. Denver Microbrew Tour recommends that you use craft beer to put a unique spin on this meal, as many craft breweries across the country have independent and unique flavors. This meal can be an excellent addition to a barbecue. Your fried-fish fans who attend your summer cookout or backyard barbecue can feel good knowing that Old Bay, Codfish and a hearty stout or ale is delish as a combo with a crispy Sea Dog on a tasty roll.

German Pork Knuckle (Schweinshaxe)

If Oktoberfest is your thing, you can never go wrong with German Pork Knuckle and beer. Indeed, there are many Americans of German descent who enjoy a delicious meal of slow-cooked pork. Some good beers to include in a meal like this are saison, Weizenbier or Hefeweizen beer.

Beef, Beer, and Chili

Yes, chili fans, there is a nice selection of beers that you can use to tweak the taste and texture of your chili to set you apart. Alcohol Professor discusses which ales and beers to use for different kinds or recipes. Whether your chili is being made to win that blue ribbon chili contest at your favorite county fair or chili cook-off, there are some ways to be creative with that beef and beer chili recipe. The red ale chili or a chili recipe with beef and Sam Adams beer. That 3-alarm fire chili recipe cooked with IPA, Red Ales and Stouts are a wise choice of beer types to make your chili recipe stand apart. The color, texture and taste of the beer-infused chili can be the difference between causing a buzz among chili lovers during your summer cookout or a side dish buzz kill.

These four recipes are great ones to check out. Beer is a creative way to cook delicious food — and it can make for an excellent time for all those who love cooking with an ale or stout.

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Christian Z

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