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Recording over 1 billion monthly active users, you could well imagine the potential of Instagram in targeting and even reaching the right audience. Facebook may still be regarded as the most loved and popular social networking site, however, that does not automatically imply that it is the most effective channel for boosting your e-commerce business. In this context, you must know that brands have been experiencing their highest average engagement only on the robust Instagram marketing platform. This makes Instagram a sheer necessity for all those brands that are looking to connect with an intensely engaged target audience. Here are the best few Instagram tools for boosting your e-commerce sites.


The average user has a tendency to trust another user or a consumer as compared to relying on what brands have to say. In fact, as per Bazaarvoice, 51% of the people in the United States rely more on UGC or the User Generated Content present on an organization’s website as compared to any other information. Therefore, if you are looking to boost your sales and enhance your overall brand image, it is essential to win the love and trust of your target audience through the use of UGC.

You could effectively use the user-generated content for marketing your e-commerce brand in many ways. The most effective way of doing it is by demonstrating user-submitted-pictures of your specific products or customer pictures related to your services on your site. You could use effective tools such as Tagged for implementing this technique. Tagged would be collecting Instagram pictures that are tagged with a precise hashtag. Thereafter, it would be displaying those pictures as per their relevance on the different product pages.


Iconosquare is meant for keeping a constant tab on your competitors. Iconosquare was previously known as Statigram and is still an extremely popular statistics tracking app for Instagram. It is efficient in providing detailed and accurate reports based on crucial factors that may include likes, location, hashtags, and even the engagement details of all your real Instagram followers.

As per https://www.searchenginejournal.com, “Iconosquare provides you with a comprehensive analytics platform to track and measure all of these metrics, and more. This tool’s analytics feature lets you measure your follower growth, identify the location of your followers, and analyze the real-time performance of your Instagram posts.” Iconosquare also helps in measuring the accurate engagement and number of likes your posts are receiving. The tool helps you in identifying the best posting times and accordingly updates precisely your posting schedule.

The best thing about Iconosquare is simply that you could effectively analyze the way how each hashtag and each filter are influencing your overall engagement rate. This would prove to be useful in understanding precisely which filters would be working best towards engaging effectively with your target audience and improve visibility.


Crowdfire would be giving you an opportunity to effectively filter your followers to make sure that all your product information is sent always to people who seem to be interested in remaining updated with all your services and products. Crowdfire helps in connecting and analyzing your Instagram accounts. It is able to identify all the individuals who are unfollowing your brand and at once adds all of them to a blacklist to make sure that there is no accidental following. Crowdfire would be providing you with relevant and accurate statistics regarding people who are actually interested in your products, as well as, services.


You have several Instagram tools that are good for boosting your overall e-commerce presence on the platform and open up avenues for multiple opportunities. Instagram could prove to be an amazing asset for effective list building, boosting your revenue, and driving more traffic to your e-commerce site.

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