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There are several businesses that feel inconvenient and even pressured if they are present on different if not every social media platform, especially those businesses that deal with fashion products. It seems that they forget about the strategy. If you want to make a better impression and get more traffic to your site you should not make this mistake.

The most significant social media platform for the fashion industry seems to be Instagram. This is because this platform is essentially a photo and video sharing app and fashion is all about showcasing products in the best possible way, visually.

However, Instagram is very much different from all other popular social media sites. Therefore, you will need to follow a distinct Instagram marketing strategy. This will help you to develop a unique style that will be aligned with your brand, its image, and message.

Know your audience

You must first determine your Instagram audiences that you want to reach before you start marketing on Instagram. Draw from the other marketing strategies that you may have in place, to keep your marketing efforts across all channels consistent. Do not forget to consider the demographic factors of the audience such as:

  • The age
  • The location
  • The gender
  • The income
  • The interests
  • The motivations and
  • The pain points.

If you do not know where to start, monitor the most popular events and interests as well as the hashtags that are related to your business. This will help you to see who is using as well as engaging with these particular hashtags of such events and occasions the most. Once you segregate them, check out their profiles. You will be better off if you consider taking a look at the profiles of the followers of your competitors. After all, Instagram and its features make it easy for you to define your audience.

Make a competitive analysis

Once you are done with determining your Instagram audience, you must focus on making a competitive analysis. This will help you to see what the other marketers and competitors in your field are posting. Select a few of your top competitors and begin reviewing their Instagram profiles. Alternatively, you can also look out for terms that are related to your business and product and find similar accounts. When you conduct a quick audit of all the related Instagram accounts it will enable you to:

  • See what type of posts are getting the highest rate of engagement
  • See what the most popular hashtags are that the competitors are using and doing rounds
  • See what captions they are using for the images
  • See how often they are posting and
  • See how quickly they are growing.

All these facts and information will act as your benchmark and help you to grow in your fashion business. Make sure that when you audit the content of your competitors you take special note of those specific opportunities that they might have missed. In the fashion business, it is very important to add unique content into the mix. This will help your business to stand out from the others just like your products.

Organize an editorial calendar

On an average most fashion brands post about six images per week on Instagram which is at par the experts’ recommendation and some of the best companies such as Gramista. However, if you consider the math in it, it will come to over 300 posts per year. If that is the frequency it will surely be very difficult for you to keep track of every post that you have posted already and those that you need to post. The best way to resolve this issue is to create an editorial calendar.

  • This will help you to save a lot of time and possibilities of any error.
  • It will also help you to manage your Instagram presence.

All you have to do is fill in your editorial calendar with a few of the Instagram post types and plan the proper captions, hashtags, as well as the posting times for it well in advance. In fact, your editorial calendar is a great place to maintain a record for any key events such as special offers or new product launch. This will help you to highlight these on your Instagram account. The editorial calendar will help you to keep an eye out on the real-time opportunities and prevent you from the hassles of scrambling for any posts at the last minute posts.

Building a consistent brand

It is highly important that you maintain consistency with your brand. If you create any disjoint content at random it will confuse your audience. It may even result in losing your followers. In order to prevent this, you must focus on brand aesthetic more than any other thing on your Instagram account.

For this you will need to:

  • Determine what this looks like
  • Think about your brand personality
  • Determine your brand values
  • Find out how your customers and employees would define your brand
  • Determine whether it is bold, gritty, playful or adventurous.

When it comes to the aesthetic aspect you will need to consider the brand personality. It should be clean, bright, and organized. Ideally, brand aesthetic will help your brand to be more recognizable and distinguishable so that someone can know that it is your brand without even having to look at the name. Once you determine the brand personality it will be easier for you to refine your content since brand aesthetic does not apply to visuals only.

Make sure that you post images that are not only related to your fashion product but it also narrates your brand properly. For this, you can include compelling Instagram Stories that will enable you to make your fashion brand more relatable.

The final thought

Just like it is difficult to create a fashion product, it is difficult to create an Instagram marketing strategy. However, both are easy to achieve if you have patience and a properly crafted strategy. Now that you know the strategy, it should be easy for you to promote your fashion brand.

Karen A

Karen Anthony is a social media marketing expert who has worked with several startups and small businesses and launches campaigns to boost their online presence and visibility.


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