7 Best Content Tricks That Are Being Used By Big Brands

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According to Photoslurp, almost 95 million photos are shared regularly by more than 1 billion Instagram users, who are active on a regular basis. The surging popularity of this platform has to be responsible for showing a significant shift from the editorial content to visuals. As technology has started advancing and the attention spans have also started dwindling, users are interested in getting more content within very less time. The question that you are going to come across is what could ideally be the top Instagram practices that can help in improving the imagery strategy as well as increase engagement.

Given below is a list of the winning Instagram content strategies that the big brands are constantly using. This Instagram guide for business will definitely help both the big as well as small brands succeed.

Sharing experiences

Each day a lot of time is spent by millions scrolling through their Instagram feeds. They are not looking for any particular product for their picture. What they are looking for is beautiful and compelling visual experiences, which are going to excite them. Meller, which is one of the international brands for sunglasses, has been highlighting the significance of engaging with potential customers by making use of visual content, which is highly interesting and effective. This strategy has increased their conversion rate by almost 13 percent. It is a good idea to post pictures that depict the experiences of each and every customer.

Understanding the audience

You need to know that irrespective of all your efforts, it is practically impossible for you to appeal to each and every person who is coming across your content. As opposed to appeasing the world, you need to concentrate on captivating a particular group of audience, who are going to be genuinely interested in what you are offering. In this manner, you will be able to learn how you can reach that particular group on the visual platform, which is easily available in comparison to throwing content right in front of the masses and hoping to appeal them.

Understanding the audience is definitely one of the most important elements for any and every marketing campaign. As soon as you have proper knowledge regarding what the followers are looking for, it will be easy for you to offer it to them. For instance, if you already have knowledge about your audience, you can select influencers who know you already and would love to help you to sell your products.

After you have discovered your audience, it is your responsibility to tailor the brand to fit their demands. As soon as the brand starts catering to the audience, you have to ensure that you are staying consistent. Make sure that you are serving a similar brand image so that every user can faithfully identify your brand within seconds.

Find creative content

Each and every city is constantly brimming with creative and young talent, and the only thing that they are waiting for is exposure. You can look for a photographer or an artist at any local event and offer them the opportunity of creating custom content for the next campaign of your brand. Hiring talent from your local area is definitely one of the best ways of discovering fresh and creative content, while you are still giving back to the community.

Another amazing way of generating fresh content is by creating Instagram contests. Make sure that you are inviting the followers to encourage them to share original content, which is related to the brand, and you can offer the products that you have as the reward. You can also share any particular image and ask all your followers to tag their friends. This is also responsible for exposing the brand to a huge audience base while driving engagement.

Appealing to emotion

Premium content is responsible for engaging users in a number of ways. It is responsible for helping in posting aesthetic and incredible imagery; however, images that have an emotional appeal can succeed as well. When you are sharing all your images, which are capable of appealing to the emotions of the followers, you will be successful in showing that you are not just a mere business.

When people start observing that they are the ones who are benefiting from the purchase decisions that they take, they will feel inspired by the brand efforts and ensure that they are joining the community.


It is obvious that it is not an easy task to keep creating content consistently and it can be easy to run out of the ideas. As soon as a loyal following is built, you can shrug your shoulders by crowdsourcing the creation of content. If you are coming up with clever hashtags, people are going to be inspired to post for your brand, and this can be extremely fruitful for the content database.

Do not forget to narrate stories

Storytelling is undoubtedly one of the ideal ways of getting any and every point across to the customers in one of the most memorable ways. Before you decide to expand the audience base, you have to ensure that you are engaging the current followers as well. As opposed to forcing the images of products on them, try to frame all your content within a large narrative.

Try to frame your story around the visual content that you are going to post and it will be easier for you to set your brand apart from the various other Instagram accounts. Concentrate on the narrative so that it becomes simple for you to attract potential customers as well.

Stay relevant

The audience is constantly going to seek relevant content, which they have the option of sharing with their family and friends. Ensure that you are searching for a trending and amazing topic when you are planning a campaign. If your content is relevant, it is going to end up receiving more shares, and eventually, more followers. The three tips that you need to follow are:

  • Focus only on seasonal content.
  • Create an events calendar.
  • Stay current with all the upcoming trends.


Generating content on Instagram is not enough. You also have to consider the tips that have been mentioned above so that you can help your brand stay relevant while gaining more followers in the process.

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