3 Advancements to POS Systems That Are Improving Business Processes

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Despite the name, point of sale systems does much more than keep track of sales. POS systems are advancing right along with computing technology and software improvements. Businesses, like the rest of the world, are becoming integrated into new and interesting ways, and POS systems are helping make that happen.

Mobile POS

How can a store expand beyond its physical location without taking on too much overhead? The answer is a mobile POS system. Merchant Maverick talks about how the gap between computers and smartphones when it comes to processing power is closing fast, and your phone is an excellent way to extend reach without having to find additional space. In fact, the successful use of mobile POS allows a business to operate entirely absent a brick and mortar location. However, some mobile POS systems have a less than ideal user interface and may face issues when syncing with a larger system. The good news is that these bugs are getting ironed out every day.

Inventory Management

Automatically tracking inventory can save enormous amounts of time, and many POS systems have this feature built in now. It may take a bit to set everything up because you’ll need to tell the system how much of each item you have. All of that effort will pay off, though, when you sell an item that is automatically deducted from a total. Celerant explains that advances to POS technology allow systems to automate purchase orders based on minimum and maximum product level settings. It’s a saving grace for stores that sell a wide variety of options and need to keep complex inventory records for ordering and tax purposes.

Customer Relations

Even the most basic POS software will allow you to create customer profiles so that you can keep track of who likes what, but it gets better. Oftentimes, you’ll be able to connect certain cards and purchases with customers. TenFold describes that systems can learn shopping patterns and generate recommendations. Imagine getting a new item in and having your system tell you that Customer X might like to know about it. If you integrate your system with social media, altering customers to new arrivals can be even easier!

All of this technology is transforming the way retailers stay on top of an ever-changing market. With increasing competition, business owners need new ways to keep track of the health of their businesses like never before. POS systems are evolving to meet this demand and are a critical part of successful sales these days.

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