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3 Auto Technologies That Can Help You Drive Better

In today’s increasingly connected world, it is easier than ever to stay in control while behind the wheel. An impressive array of new automotive technologies can aid the driving process and provide a more seamless and comfortable ride. As technology advances at breakneck speed, it can be challenging to stay on top of the latest gadgets and services. Here are three auto technologies that you can employ to help you to drive better.

Dash Cams

A dash cam is a compact camera that records footage on the road. According to Intact Insurance, dash cam footage can prove to be invaluable in an insurance dispute. Merely knowing that this video evidence exists encourages people to driver safer. Some of the more advanced dash cams are equipped with additional tools that aid in the driving experience. For example, dual-camera units record what is happening on the road and in the interior of the vehicle. This is especially helpful to parents of teen drivers looking to ensure that their child is practicing safe driving habits.

Smartphone Apps

According to The Law Office of William W. Hurst, major insurance companies have safe driving programs that track driving habits through smartphone apps. By understanding your driving habits, you can glean information designed to help you to become a better driver. Not only can this potentially save you a significant amount of money on your vehicle insurance premiums, but it can also equip you with the data that you need to improve your skills on the road. Some apps can even monitor the acceleration and braking of the vehicle to maximize fuel efficiency.

Active Safety Features

According to WhichCar, today’s modern vehicles are equipped with a bevy of active safety features designed to keep you safe on the road with little effort on your part. A few of these features include the blind spot monitoring system, lane keeping assist, adaptive cruise control, automated emergency braking, cross traffic alert and more. Many of these features rely on sensors embedded in the vehicle to deliver crucial information to the driver and even possibly alert them prior to a potentially dangerous situation. Working together, these features take a lot of the guesswork out of driving.

It is not possible to eliminate all the dangers you will encounter on the road. However, with the right technologies in place, you can improve your driving experience and deliver a safe ride. You owe it to yourself and your passengers to check out these features to make sure the ride goes as smoothly as possible.

Christian Z

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