3 Habits That May Be More Dangerous Than You Realize

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We all need various ways to de-stress from modern life. From working overtime to dealing with toxic relationships with family members or loved ones, we are all susceptible to falling into habits that are less than ideal. While most things are fine in moderation, here are three habits that may be more dangerous than you realize.

Being Alone

For many, especially introverts, some solitude is welcome and necessary to recharge. However, Dr. Vince Berger of Psychologists Anywhere, Anytime explains that being able to recognize the difference between solitude and loneliness is somewhat nuanced. Loneliness often results from a major change in your lifestyle, such as a breakup or a negative outcome from a major event. Avoid becoming overly withdrawn by keeping regular appointments on your calendar such as meeting friends for trivia night at the bar or committing to group exercise classes that allow you to engage in partner opportunities. You could even go to a cafe to just be around other people.

Irresponsible Drinking

Not only does this habit potentially put your life at risk, but it also puts other lives at risk as well. Rowdy G. Williams Law Firm warns that operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol can not only seriously injure or kill you, your passenger(s), or anyone else sharing the roads, but you could be facing serious penalties if you are convicted after being arrested. If having a cocktail or beer at the end of a stressful day helps you productively unwind, make sure to organize a transportation plan such as public transit, a taxi, or rely on a friend to prevent you from drinking and driving.

Emotional Eating

We are all guilty of overindulging here and there. However, over-reliance on emotional eating for comfort or to cope with stress is a dangerous slope that can lead to other problems down the road. McCallum Place Eating Disorders Centers cautions that while eating junk or overeating something that tastes good may feel great at the moment, afterward many are filled with feelings of guilt. Additionally, this could also lead to problems such as weight gain, obesity or diabetes if this behavior continues.

With all of these habits, one thing to keep in mind when you feel an urge is to always take note of your emotional state. Often, these coping behaviors are triggered by various thoughts and feelings. Recognizing what you can and can’t control is key to leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle both physically and emotionally, not only for yourself but also for others around you.

Christian Z

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