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A Quick Guide to Understanding Your Metabolism

Metabolism is a trending topic these days, and there are many attempts to explain what it is — some of them more accurate than others. Here are several points to clear up the most common myths about your metabolism.

What Exactly Is it?

TruVision explains that metabolism is the speed of your body at the cellular level. This includes the processes you use to convert calories into energy that’s transported through your bloodstream. A healthy metabolism is one element that determines your body’s health. Having a fast metabolism means that your body can quickly process the energy from food, convert that energy into a form the body can use and send the converted form into the bloodstream to be delivered to the rest of the body. 

Common Myths

Here are several common myths regarding metabolism:

  • Avoiding breakfast will slow down your metabolism: As seen recently with studies on intermittent fasting, the relationship between breakfast and metabolism really depends on the individual. According to TrainingPeaks, with the recommended fasting window ending around 10 a.m. in the morning, many individuals are able to carry about their morning feeling no difference. If you are not hungry at 7 a.m. in the morning, you don’t need to force yourself to eat.
  • Drinking caffeine in the morning will speed up your metabolism: Caffeine is a stimulant, and its effects are temporary. Products such as coffee and energy drinks may temporarily stimulate you to be more awake, but their effects do not last. Furthermore, canned and bottled caffeinated beverages are often loaded with chemicals and sugar. 
  • Metabolism is innate and cannot be changed: Many factors play into a person’s metabolism, such as exercise, resistance training, food intake and the regularity of a person’s hormones. Metabolism can be improved through a mix of healthful eating, regular exercise and sufficient sleep.

How to Improve Your Metabolism

A slow metabolism can be improved, but there are no miracle pills available. E. A. Stewart recommends that you begin improving your metabolism by eating metabolism-boosting foods, exercising regularly, introducing muscle building exercises, such as resistance training, into your workout, and getting enough sleep to reset your body. A healthy metabolism is one that is within the optimal range. Either extreme, too fast or too slow, will have a negative impact on your health.

The faster your metabolism is, the faster that energy can be sent through your blood to the rest of your body. As with all health improvements, there are no quick fixes to a slow metabolism. However, a slow metabolism can be improved with the right combination of nutrition, exercise and sleep.

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