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3 Trick Shots That Modern Technology Has Made WAY Easier

Technology has allowed us to create some truly dynamic photographs over the past decade. However, there are dozens of trick shots being invented regularly that enhance our photograph game. Many people are unaware of some of the more popular shots and how to implement them. These shots can truly help your digital marketing campaign and help you captivate your online audiences. Fortunately, we picked three of the best trick shots that we think will end up grabbing some serious attention. Let’s take a look at some of these shots and how to pull them off.

Panoramic View

Panoramic view mode is a feature that has been built into most cameras. However, many people are unfamiliar with this model and don’t always end up creating the best panoramic shots. You will need to sequence together with a scene in order to get the best shot possible. According to Digital Photography School, lighting is also an incredibly important factor that will help you create a good shot. Structure your shot and slowly pan your camera along the designated path that you have chosen. This will ensure that you create the best shot possible while using the panoramic mode.

Motion Timelapse

Motion timelapse shots are incredibly popular. Businesses have used these shots to show the progress of a project being built or how nature can change in such a short amount of time. However, there is a method to the madness in order to get the optimal results. According to Rhino Camera Gear, the first step is to create the composition of your shot which means you need foreground or some sort of blurred object in front of the camera aside from the actual view in order to exaggerate the movement of your view. Make sure to use as many frames as possible to ensure that your shot comes out as smooth as it can be.

Illusion Photos

This method is incredibly simple and can produce some hilarious results. Illusion photos make it seem like the subject is much larger or much smaller than they actually are. For example, you could stand at an angle that makes it seem like you are the size of the Eiffel Tower. Alternatively, you could stand far away from the Eiffel Tower and at such an angle that it looks like you are holding it in your hands. This kind of photo works really well if you are near some kind of huge landmark but far away enough that it looks a different size. Experiment with this type of photo style and have fun for the best results.


Photography is an incredible storytelling tool. It allows us to show our audiences what we envision in our minds. Fortunately, these trick shots will help you tell the story that you have always wanted to tell. Following these tips will make this possible and will make your Instagram feed the envy of your friends.

Christian Z

Editorial Staff at DAPULSE

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