3 Tips for the Perfect Surprise Proposal

Planning a proposal can be either really fun or really stressful. Having the pressure of making it the most magical moment for your significant other may lead to indecisiveness and worried choices. Not sure how to make that moment special? Don’t worry! Here are three tips for the perfect surprise proposal.

Know Her Likes and Dislikes

If you are still unsure of what she likes and doesn’t like, the safest and simplest way to find out is by thinking about her reactions to romantic gestures. Does she appreciate a good romantic movie, or does she cringe at the thought of one? Has she been hinting at a public proposal or a private and small one? By analyzing her everyday reactions and conversations you will slowly get to know her likes and dislikes. Also, make sure that you are planning an event that both of you will like and enjoy. It is a special moment for both of you, not just one person.

Know What Kind of Ring She Wants

Having the perfect ring for her is one of the most important elements of an unforgettable marriage proposal. Be attentive when going out with her to the mall as she stares into the ring section at the jewelry store. She can give you big hints as to what she wants during those times. If you don’t know her ring size, there are a few different methods you can use to figure it out without alerting her. You could go for the average ring size, get a bigger ring and plan to resize it later, use her other rings as a baseline, ask the closest people around her like her mom or friends, or test out the size with a toy ring. 

Have a Plan B

Even though you might have planned every little detail to perfection, there is always the possibility of unexpected things happening that can disrupt your proposal plans, from inclement weather to heavy traffic. Having a plan B is important, so make sure you plan ahead in case something were to happen that will alter your original proposal plan. If something goes wrong, keep calm and use your alternative plan.

Proposals can be stressful to plan, but they are all worth it at the end with a wonderful wedding and a happy marriage. Your plans may change, but a loving partner will be sure to appreciate your thoughtfulness and dedication. 

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