Just How Dangerous Are Pests Anyway?

No one likes to think about sharing their home—or worse yet, their body—with pests such as mice, fleas, or ticks. But the issue is more than just a vague annoyance: pests can pose a real threat to your family’s well-being. Here is some more information about why it is important to keep pests under control:

They’re Disease Vectors

Even in the 21st century, it’s possible to contract a potentially dangerous disease through contact with pests. According to the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety, if your home is invaded by a family of white-footed deer mice, you could be prone to hantavirus if you come in contact with the rodents’ waste. Deer ticks thrive in wooded or grassy environments, and are capable of transmitting a number of bacterial and viral infections, such as Lyme disease. And that’s not even counting the threat that some insects pose to your garden or surrounding trees. The best way to avoid the threat of these infections is to keep the pests from invading your space to begin with.

They Breed Quickly

Even if you think you can handle a small infestation, most pests have a very short reproductive cycle, meaning you shouldn’t underestimate them. According to Insight Pest Solutions, in an ideal habitat, two German Roaches could reproduce to a population close to a million in a little over a year. The typical adult female flea can lay up to 50 eggs a day when the conditions are right, and the fleas you’re seeing in your home or on your pet represent only 1% of the population that’s likely residing in your home. Being proactive, including sealing off doorways and windows and maintaining a clean environment, is the best way to prevent pests from setting up colonies within your walls.

They Can Cause Structural Damage

Rodents, carpenter ants and termites do more than pose a threat to your family’s health. All of these pests are capable of causing permanent damage to your home’s woodwork and wiring. The larger the infestation, the greater the risk and the more you’ll ultimately pay to have the issue resolved, according to Remodeling Expense. This is yet another reason why you should move quickly upon noticing any sign of household pests.

In short, pests are unpleasant in ways that have nothing to do with their unsightly appearance. In fact, in some cases, they can cause disease and destruction even without the benefit of direct physical contact. By keeping your home and surrounding areas clean and free of debris, you can lessen the risk and help to ensure that you and your family remain pest-free.

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