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What’s it like at the ‘Chipotle Next Kitchen’

If you’re anything like us, you know Chipotle’s menu by heart. But what if we told you that there’s a Chipotle with a completely different menu, and that menu includes brand new items never seen anywhere else? Turns out, this magical Chipotle exists in New York City. It’s called the Next Kitchen, and it’s where the restaurant tests out its new menu items (like, say, the infamous queso).

Here’s how the Next Kitchen works: while a few standard items (think burritos, burrito bowls and salads) are usually on the menu, customers also have the chance to try out experimental “Next” items that Chipotle is testing.

The restaurant will then tweak the experimental menu items’ recipes based on feedback before giving them the green light to launch nationally. So, what’s on the menu at the Chipotle Next Kitchen?

1. Quesadillas

Quesadillas are currently only available at Chipotle on the kid’s menu, but by now you probably know that some locations will make you an adult-sized version if you ask nicely. However, at the Chipotle Next Kitchen, you can order a quesadilla right off the menu! These ooey, gooey quesadillas are packed with cheese and your choice of meat, fajita or sofritas.

2. Quinoa

Looking for a low-cal grain for your salad or burrito bowl? At the Next Kitchen, you have the option to add quinoa to your salad, or you can even swap out the white and brown rice and use quinoa as the base for burrito bowls, tacos and more.

3. Nachos

We’ve been hoping Chipotle would serve nachos for years, and it looks like our dreams might come true. While it’s unknown how long it’ll take Chipotle to launch their nachos nationwide, for now you can hit up the Next Kitchen and get your hands on cheesy goodness comprised of tortilla chips, queso and your choice of meat, beans, salsas and lettuce. And maybe guac if you’re in the mood to splurge.

4. Bacon

Imagine your go-to burrito order… but with BACON. That’s right — Chipotle is testing bacon as a menu item at the Next Kitchen. You can add it to burritos, bowls, salads and even quesadillas. BRB, we’re drooling ?

5. Mexican Chocolate Shake

It’s about time Chipotle got dessert! The restaurant is testing out a creamy chocolate milkshake. Inspired by authentic Mexican chocolate, this shake consists of cocoa, cinnamon and a pinch of spice to give it a nice kick.

6. Super Green Salad

Romaine calm — at the Chipotle Next Kitchen, you can try greens other than romaine lettuce in your salad. The healthier Super Green Salad includes a blend of options like kale and Tuscan oak lettuce, and it’s paired with an avocado citrus vinaigrette (avocado + citrus + cilantro).

7. Avocado Tostada

Need a quick snack? The Next Kitchen’s got you covered. Think of the avocado tostada as Chipotle’s lighter, snackable version of avocado toast.

8. Frozen Paloma Margarita

Chipotle has served traditional margaritas since 2013, but as you’d expect, the Next Kitchen is testing a cool new flavor. Meet the Frozen Paloma Margarita: a frozen drink made with citrus, agave nectar, grapefruit and tequila. It’s basically a fruity, boozy slushie. We stan.

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