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3 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Thermal Cameras

There are several types of cameras on the market, each used for different purposes. You may be familiar with the standard ones, but are you aware of thermal cameras? If not, you should know that they are specialized cameras that are generally used by police and firefighters. However, many other individuals have since found a use for this type of camera. In fact, there are three things you probably didn’t know about thermal cameras.

Limited in What They Can See

According to Pass, there are certain limitations as to what this type of camera can see and what it can’t. For example, taking a photo through a window with a regular camera captures the view on the other side of it. Yet thermal cameras don’t have this capability. This is not meant to capture images. Instead, it is meant to detect the temperature of the data being photographed. Even the highest-quality thermal camera can’t capture an image clearly. While it may display the image, the quality of it would be so low that it would be difficult to see anything.

Are Used Everywhere

Despite the limited ability of a thermal camera, it can be used in a significant number of situations. Since thermal cameras measure heat, they can be used on anything that has a temperature. Almost every object you can think of gives off heat in one way or another. The most sensitive thermal cameras detect any change in the temperature of an object. Despite limitations, this type of camera has a lot of uses. According to Home Inspection Geeks, thermal imaging cameras are used to identify heat loss, plumbing and flue leaks, poor insulation, hot spots, and even pest infestations.

Nearly Impossible to Hide From

A thermal camera can detect people and objects even with no light source to rely on. This is the main reason that police officers use this type of camera. Nighttime, fog nor anything else can help hide you from a thermal camera. There is no way to prevent your body from giving off heat, meaning that the camera can detect you no matter where you are. According to Laptop Skins, damage to a building can’t be hidden from this kind of camera either. As a result, construction workers use it to find structural issues that must be corrected.

The science behind thermal cameras is not necessarily common knowledge. It is mainly understood by professionals who use thermal cameras to assist them in doing their jobs.

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