Are Cops Not Equipped Well Enough to Handle the Modern World?

Every day across this country, tens of thousands of police officers risk their lives to protect their communities. Being an officer is not an easy job, and many dangers come along with the badge. If you flip through the news channels, then you will hear of officers being gunned down or losing their lives in active pursuit. Could their outdated equipment not be sufficient to deal with the modern criminal?

Outdated Techniques

Some experts believe that police need military-style weapons and intelligence to fight crime. One area that is bringing about controversy is pursuits. Many jurisdictions around the country have restricted high-speed chases. The only problem is that there is often no other choice.

Aren’t there better techniques that can follow these vehicles without putting the lives of men and women in danger? Could drones be useful in these endeavors? There must be a better way to catch the bad guy without risking lives.

Outdated Technologies

Another major problem that most police officers must deal with is the inebriated driver. When they pull a suspected vehicle to the side of the road, they must conduct a breathalyzer test as well as a roadside sobriety examination. While this procedure worked for a few decades, things need to change. Breathalyzers are severely outdated, as they haven’t been updated for decades. These machines must be calibrated, and, even then, they aren’t always accurate. These officers need sufficient methods to check a blood alcohol level that will stand up in court.

Military Weapons and Intelligence

There are four things every cop needs to have to complete their job, and they are a radio, bulletproof vest, handcuffs and a gun. The problem is that radio technology is becoming obsolete. The Boston Police Department estimated that their radios are more than 20 years old.

When a radio goes on the fritz, it’s almost impossible to fix because of the lack of parts. They need to come up with other communication methods quickly. Radio technology has become obsolete. Providing officers with new equipment is necessary to communicate with the dispatch office. These cops, and the people they protect, are at risk if they don’t have sufficient gear.

The police need the best techniques and equipment available to them so that they can do their jobs efficiently. Putting cops on the roads across America without the proper gear is putting their lives at risk. You depend on them to protect your city, streets and neighborhoods where you live.

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Christian Z

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