3 Must-Knows to Protect Yourself From Your Workplace

There are risks and rewards with any type of employment. Your employer may promise to keep your best interests at heart, but unfortunately, you can encounter some hazards in the workplace especially if your job requires physical labor. Here are three ways to protect yourself and reduce your risks of becoming unemployed if you’ve had an accident in the workplace.

Document Everything

It is absolutely important to document everything you can after a workplace accident. Do not wait to call for help if you’re in need of medical attention. If you’re able to take pictures of the scene, do so immediately and try to photograph every detail and angle. Your employer is required to do the same at the time of the incident so it’s not your word against theirs. Be sure to write down any details leading up to the accident and have witnesses file their own reports if other people were present in the room.

Know the Vernacular

It’s easy to get emotional after a workplace accident but it’s important to express yourself in a way that will be heard and understood. Brush up on your workplace safety manual and legal standards before presenting your case to your HR department. Nothing will stop an HR manager in their tracks faster than explaining that your injury happened because the working floor wasn’t up to OSHA standards. This can help protect your case and the possibility of receiving a monetary settlement.

Follow Up With Rehabilitation

Unfortunately, your workplace injury may be too severe to return to work right away. Do whatever you can to get medical proof that your company and boss can’t deny. Seek out a doctor specializing in your particular injury who can provide knowledgeable reports and documentation such as X-rays. In case of a broken bone or other serious injuries, your doctor may recommend physical therapy and rehabilitation before returning to work. Your insurance may be able to cover this so it’s vital to keep your appointments and obtain a log of your progress. Your employer needs to see your determination to recover after a workplace accident and this resource can save you from termination from your company.

The sad truth is many companies are strictly business and feel that employees are easier to replace than keep. By ensuring your safety after an accident, you may get the treatment you deserve as a worker. Don’t forget to document everything and keep up-to-date on legal terms that apply to your situation. If you don’t do your due diligence after a workplace injury, you may lose out on the treatment you need, or find yourself out of a job.

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Christian Z

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