truck driving through area where a tornado was seen

Watch This Truck Get Tossed Around by a Tornado Then Drive Away Like Nothing Happened

There are some videos on the internet that leave you speechless. This one, filmed in central Texas Monday, is one of those videos. It shows what looks to be a red first-generation Chevy Silverado pickup truck being tossed around by a tornado and dragged across the ground, with at least one person inside. But that’s not the crazy part. After the tornado moves on and the truck is thrown back upright… the truck simply drives away like nothing happened.

This happened on a four-lane highway in Elgin, Texas, according to Brian Emfinger, a storm chaser who published the video to Twitter and YouTube on Tuesday. The Chevy is caught in the tornado and subjected to the full force of its winds, causing the vehicle to roll onto its driver side. It does a 360-degree spin while sitting perpendicular to the road before being pushed back upright by the tornado’s gusts. Despite what must’ve been the scariest moment of their life occurring, the driver has no trouble continuing down the road.

From what we can tell, the truck looked to be relatively unharmed after the event, save for some sizable scratches on the driver’s side body panels and a missing side mirror. It’s unclear at this time how many occupants were in the truck, or if anyone inside sustained any injuries.

Tornados have been ripping through the Austin area since Monday. At least one person has been killed in the storm, and heavy damage has also been done to residences in its path, the Weather Channel reports. Local news station WFAA published aerial photos showing some of the damage tornados have caused in the area so far.


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